This write-up covers subjects certain to the 2020 basic election. It has actually not been updated to reflect subsequent developments.Click here for much more information around our 2020 election coverage.

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Disputed results
Disputed results: Presidential election lawsuits and also recounts • Post-election lawsuits
Presidential election
Presidential election assist desk: who is the president if election results are unknown by January 20, 2021? • What wake up if there is a tie in the Electoral College? • What happens if a presidential nominee becomes incapacitated prior to the election? • What happens if the winning presidential candidate i do not care incapacitated prior to taking office? • What room faithless electors in the Electoral College? • What room the steps and deadlines because that electing the president of the unified States? • What wake up if a presidential candidate declares victory in the 2020 election prior to results space final? • can presidential candidates victory the election if lock have already conceded? • can members the Congress object to Electoral university results?
Absentee/mail-in voting: Eligibility • inquiry deadlines • Request needs • Return deadlines • Signature and also witness demands • Life cycle of an absentee/mail-in ballot • Processing, counting, and complicated ballots • When can states begin processing and also counting ballots • What happens if i vote by mail and also want to change my ballot in ~ a later date? • What wake up if someone votes through mail and then tries to poll in person? • exactly how do says protect and verify absentee/mail-in ballots? • just how do election workers complement signatures? • do absentee/mail-in ballots take much longer to count than in-person ballots? • Are outcomes reported on choice night comes from in-person or absentee/mail-in votes? • execute states report how numerous mail-in/absentee ballots are impressive on choice night? • What wake up if someone votes by mail-in ballot or absentee ballot and also subsequently overcome away before Election Day?Analysis, 2016-2018 • counted ballots, 2016-2018 • garbage ballots, 2016-2018 • Uncalled races, 2018
Results and certification help desk: Election outcomes certification dates, 2020 • How and when are election outcomes finalized? • What happens if candidates declare victory in the 2020 election before results are final? • have the right to candidates victory an election if lock have currently conceded? • just how do major media outlets explain winners?
Disputing results aid desk: What space poll watchers? • What walk it mean to challenge a voter"s eligibility, and also who have the right to do it? • exactly how will choice recounts work? • just how close does an election need to be to trigger an automatically recount? • have the right to a candidate or voter inquiry a recount? • that pays because that recounts and also election challenges? • who can paper election-related lawsuits? • What is a redo election? • What room the reasons to speak to a redo election? • who can contact a redo election? • have the right to a redo be hosted for a presidential election? • What kinds of concerns can election-related lawsuits address?Recount legislations by state • Recount margin demands by state
Officeholder transitions help desk: who is the chairman if election outcomes are unknown by January 20, 2021? • that serves in conference if election results are unknown by January 2021? • that serves in a state or local federal government if election results are unknown?
Election Day resource guide • Articles around potential scenarios in the 2020 election • U.S. Can be fried Court plot affecting the November 3, 2020, general election
Voting in 2020: Voter ID requirements • State choice websites • at an early stage voting dates • Voter registration needs • Voter it is registered deadlines • Same-day registration • says that call for employers to give employees time turn off to poll • Election results certification days • Recount regulations by state • poll opening and also closing times

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