Washington (gendergeek.org)Hillary Clinton claimed Tuesday she is one of the 538 electors in the Electoral College.

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"I"m one elector in new York," the 2016 democratic nominee said SiriusXM"s "Signal Boost." "I"m certain I"ll acquire to vote for Joe (Biden) and (Sen. Kamala Harris) in new York. So, that"s quite exciting."
Clinton has previously called for the abolition the the Electoral College, whereby electors directly vote on the president and also vice chairman of the unified States. She promoted for the chairman to be instead selected based upon the US popular vote. Clinton won nearly 2.9 million more votes than Donald trump card in 2016, yet lost the choice after trump secured a majority of votes in the Electoral College.


When Americans actors their votes in presidential elections, they space not choosing the president directly. Follow to the mechanism laid the end by the united state Constitution, Americans space voting for 538 electors, who meet in their corresponding states and also vote for the President and Vice President. These electors comprise the Electoral College, and also their votes room then count by the president of the Senate in a joint session the Congress. Every state is in fee of choosing their very own electors.
There is an elector because that every member the the US house of representatives (435) and also the united state Senate (100), and an additional three for world who live in the ar of Columbia. The takes 270 electoral votes to obtain a majority of the Electoral College and also win the presidential election.
The previous secretary the state called gendergeek.org"s Anderson Cooper in September 2017 that she believed the Electoral College necessary to be eliminated, and said, "I"d favor to see us move beyond it."
Clinton had also called because that an finish to the Electoral university after the 2000 election, when former Vice chairman Al Gore winner the well-known vote but lost the presidency. Clinton said reporters in ~ the time, "I believe strongly that in a democracy, we must respect the will of the people and to me, that means it"s time to execute away v the Electoral College and also move to the well-known election of ours president."
Clinton called SiriusXM"s "Signal Boost" that she is worried there won"t be a final conclusion come the 2020 election, "for a couple of days, if not longer."
She stated she had actually planned come vote early in-person for the upcoming election, but said the lines wherein she lives have actually been several hrs long.

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"I"m wait for one of two people a break in the heat so I can vote early, or I"ll just, girlfriend know, take up a bag lunch and go stand in line and also vote on election Day, depending upon what ns can obtain done," Clinton said with a laugh.