New Hanover County board of Elections workers fielded more absentee ballots this year. (Photo by Michael Cline Spencer)

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New Hanover County voters leaned autonomous at the height of the ticket in the 2020 basic Election, but, as with many other states and locales, the coattails the federal and also statewide candidates didn’t expand far right into races closer to home. Two open seats top top the county plank of commissioners remained occupied by Republicans, and the GOP fared well in the area’s basic Assembly elections.As with much of every little thing else in the Year the COVID, the 2020 basic election to be one prefer no various other – not so much in its last outcome yet in how the outcomes actually to be reached.Consider this: In brand-new Hanover County, of the almost 132,000 complete votes, only around 17,000 were cast on choice Day. In a pattern that played out nationwide, supporters of Donald Trump came out in force on choice Day. The president got 9,853 votes in brand-new Hanover ar on Nov. 3, easily beating Joe Biden’s 6,426. Trump also won the in-person early voting (technically taken into consideration absentee), with around 46,000 votes compared to around 40,000 for Biden.Absentee by-mail voting was a completely different story, however, through Biden receiving about 19,600 votes compared to about 7,300 for Trump, enough for Biden to success the ar by a 2% margin. (Trump carried North Carolina by a margin that 49.9% to 48.6%, to win 75 of the state’s 100 counties. Biden won in every one of North Carolina’s biggest counties).Compare the 2020 techniques of voting to 2016, as soon as only around 5,000 votes were actors absentee by-mail (number split almost exactly fifty percent for Trump and also opponent Hillary Clinton). Most voting in 2016 still was via in-person early on voting (70,343) and also 35,668 poll on choice Day.A similar scenario also played the end in brand-new Hanover ar in the race for governor, v Republican Dan woodland getting the most votes on election Day (9,213 compared to Roy Cooper’s 6,973) as well as from at an early stage voting (43,454 come 42,053). Cooper’s 20,338 come 6,451 margin in absentee by-mail votes conveniently got him re-elected by a comfortable margin the 53% come Forest’s 45%. Statewide, Cooper’s margin to be 51.5% come Forest’s 47%.New Hanover county voters additionally favored Democrat Cal Cunningham end incumbent Thom Tillis for U.S. Senate, return by a razor-thin 287 votes. Statewide, Tillis won, with a 49% to 47% margin.Rep. David Rouzer was conveniently re-elected to stand for North Carolina’s 7th ar in the U.S. House.

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But, when again, brand-new Hanover County to be an outlier – Rouzer’s 20% margin of success over Democrat kris Ward was completed with only a 3% benefit in brand-new Hanover.In regional races, Woody White and Pat Kuseck didn’t seek re-election together county commissioners, however fellow Republicans bill Rivenbark and also Deb Hays were elected to the five-member board. Jonathan Barfield barely defeated former commissioner Skip Watkins to store Democrats in control, though democratic board member Julia Boseman has at times voted with the various other side on key issues, such together the NHRMC sale.

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