Calling every cord-cutters: friend don’t have to go to your friend’s house to keep up through Election 2016. Watch last-minute rallies, results, and reactions top top

Hillary Clinton Makes campaign Push in Philadelphia | USA TodayMonday, November 77:30 afternoon ET“Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton holds a rally alongside President Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen in Philadelphia.”

Election work Live Coverage | USA TodayTuesday, November 85 to be ET“Voters head to the polls to selected a new leader in a presidential election which watch Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump challenge for the White House. USA today will have actually coverage that voting, results and also reaction.”

Chris Gethard’s Election one-of-a-kind | Manhattan community NetworkTuesday, November 83 pm ET“When the various other election coverage is stressing you out, we’ll be right here being dumb and poorly researched! broadcast live from noon – midnight eastern time. Watch live every day streaming on the internet at”

Mediates election Night Coverage | LawNewzTuesday, November 85 pm ET“’s election Night Coverage organized by Dan Abrams, Rachel Stockman, and also J.D. Durkin. Join us together we sheathe this momentous night and also the media individualities that have informed the nation’s decision.”

Elections 2016: Decision work | USA TodayTuesday, November 87 pm ET“On choice Night, The USA this particular day Network will report the outcomes in real-time v top-notch analysis throughout the evening. Kicking off live indigenous our nationwide HQ in McLean, Va., we’ll lug our audience up-to-the-minute outcomes from crucial battleground states, carry out context and also perspective on essential ballot issues together with rolling outcomes as castle unfold. Our live coverage will include special reports throughout the Network native reporters and editors in various industries (particularly those in totter states), giving up-to-the minute reporting and commentary together news breaks.”

Political Party through Kelli Goff: election Night | The Greene SpaceTuesday, November 87 pm ET“Watch live coverage, get analysis from witty, clever and also funny experts, play politically-inspired bingo and also answer trivia concerns to win public radio prizes.

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Every those things and an ext during our final Political Party that insight and also shenanigans.”

America Votes — NYU Reports: Live | new York UniversityTuesday, November 88 afternoon ET“From 8:00-10:00PM (EST) NYU Journalism student reporters will monitor election outcomes as they come in, speak come anchors located external the Clinton and also Trump success parties, interview guests on air and follow the Senate and House races. Sign up with us as we relive the 2016 presidential race, mentioning a range of topics consisting of millennial voters, the use of social media, the Muslim vote, and also the importance of politics education.”