This 1/8th scale 1967 Ford Mustang “Eleanor” is 22.9-inches long and also weighs 17.6 pounds once completed.

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Based ~ above a weekly subscription model, this kit is damaged up right into 110 smaller sized kits the make assembly much less daunting.This highly thorough kit has functioning lights, steering, and horn, and engine noises.Building models is practically as lot fun as working on her favorite car—only less stressful and not as greasy. You deserve to make that even an ext fun by tackling a really big model. Satisfy this 1/8th scale 1967 Ford Mustang, which must look acquainted if you’ve watched the 2000 work again, please again of Gone in 60 Seconds. That’s right, you can develop your own, highly thorough Eleanor in just 110 straightforward steps.


As part of the Eaglemoss Die-Cast club subscription service, this Eleanor will certainly arrive in 110 separate shipments, rolling out four times a month. The pacing help to not only keep girlfriend from ending up being overwhelmed, but additionally gives girlfriend something come look front to every week—for two years. Those 110 separate subassemblies will, eventually, provide you every 600 pieces of this highly in-depth Mustang design kit to screen in every one of its glory on her kitchen table.

As you could expect native a higher-end model, this Eleanor kit is about as close come a functioning car as you’re walking to acquire from a model—save, that course, for the engine. This kit has actually functioning lights, doors, steering, and also a horn. And, for an excellent measure, over there is one engine sound, it just doesn’t journey the wheels. That means you have the right to still have fun through your kit as soon as you’ve finally wrapped increase the assembly process.

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This all sounds like good news, and it is, despite there’s a minor catch. When the first two packs collection you earlier only $1.95 and ship because that free, that’s not the case for the remainder of the kit. Indigenous there, each weekly pack sets you ago $12.90 through an extra $2.45 tacked on because that shipping charges. The does include up come a most money by the moment you’re done v your kit, but you also get some fun extras follow me the way. The Die-Cast Club will certainly send girlfriend a binder come hold all of your indict booklets in one presentable place, a reproduction license plate from the film, and a screen base for your model, amongst other extras. These goodies are spaced throughout her build.

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If you’re thinking about signing up for this kit and beginning your journey right into owning her scaled-down Eleanor, head end to the Die-Cast Club’s websit here.

Could model kit subscription models be a nice method to spend a winter?

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