The El Paso Zoo culture and KTSM invites you to the very first Annual Dia de los Muertos Gala at the El Paso Zoo ~ above October 16, 2021! This one-of-a-kind nighttime endure at the Zoo will certainly transform right into a sea of shade as us celebrate life, past and present. Upon acquiring admission, themed food, wine, and specialty cocktail tastings await our guests.

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Join the El Paso Zoo culture as us celebrate every walks of life! Inclusion and also diversity space what makes us every great! display your support with ours vintage t-shirt design from our 2018 hear Me Roar pride event. As among the an initial Zoos to join in on pride month, we space grateful and honored to was standing alongside our LGBTQ+ community brothers and also sisters! this is to a happy and fabulous proud month!

Your purchase will assist us continue our mission of sustaining the El Paso Zoo and conservation! It doesn’t get any type of wilder than this!

Shirt options:

Premium Unisex Tee – $20.00

Women’s Slouchy Tank – $24.99


Thank you to the El Paso Community structure for your generous donation! us were maybe to administer our sea lions through a new filtration system, in addition to some one-of-a-kind treats choose fresh kelp come swim through, and delicious mackerel and also octopus! We are so appreciative for your donation, and also we recognize our sea lions, L.B. And also Delilah, room too!


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Stay in touch through us by adhering to our Zoo society Facebook and also Instagram, and also continue to song in below on our website come learn an ext about just how you and your littles can develop your favorite El Paso Zoo pets from home!


Offering Endangered types a second Chance

Learn about Misha, a young Przewalski’s horse, and also her journey together she takes part in a conservation regime that is providing endangered species a 2nd chance.

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follow the link to check out a special post from among our zookeepers who defines the prominence of the conservation initiatives we support.


Want to revolve compassion right into action?

Volunteers are truly the “backbone” for all education and learning programming, distinct fundraising events and Zoological culture planning for the El Paso Zoo. Volunteers selection from zookeeper aid, education assistant, gardener, pet health care to office assistant. Click the link listed below to learn just how you could set your footprint together a volunteer!

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