Sinaloa cartel drug kingpin Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman and also Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump. | Photo: Reuters



Various websites havereportedrumors the El Chapo is quiet infuriated by Donald Trump’s racism remarks versus Mexicans and Mexico.

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The world"s many wanted and also most dangerous medicine lord, Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, is allegedly offering a US$100 million bounty for whoever it is provided billionaire and Republican presidential confident Donald Trump to him, dead or alive.

El Chapo placed a 100 million ~ above Donald trump card head ��

— Philthy (
emancobalt) October 5, 2015

According to assorted websites, sources close to the medicine trafficker say Guzman was infuriated by Trump"s racialism remarks against Mexicans.

"He to be mad. He wants Donald trump card dead and also will pay any type of amount the money to have actually Donald Trump"s head," stated an unnamed inmate, follow to Most extreme News.

Prior come his escape indigenous high-security jail in July, El Chapo was a vocal opponent of the real estate and also hotel and also casino mogul with an unconfirmed Twitter account, attributed come Guzman, threaten Trump in September.

Despite the reported threats, trumped has continued to campaign, but, follow to news reports, he has actually beefed increase his security and now attract a bulletproof vest.

“We have actually officials almost everywhere the place, consisting of right outside hanging out in trees,” Trump told reporters a couple of months back in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Trump states if anyone assaults him they"re gonna be shot, did that tell El Chapo?

— Rena (
XGirlNYC) October 6, 2015

According to miscellaneous news outlets, including the Telegraph and the brand-new York Post, Guzman appeared to it is in taunting authorities and threatening Trump when on the run.

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Guzman and his associates wasted no time criticizing mexico President Enrique Peña Nieto as a "coward" and reserved details ire for Trump, who has accused Mexico of sending out rapists and also criminals across the border into the united States.

The article warned Peña Nieto: ""And you
EPN, don"t contact me a delinquent because I give world work unlike girlfriend – you cowardly politician.”

El Chapo"s son, Ivan Guzman, also tweeted a write-up riddled with obscenities, warning the billionaire businessman would be made come "swallow his words.”

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That post was followed instantly by one more suggesting someone would certainly be killed, although the was no clear if the write-up was referring to Trump.

Before his arrest in February 2014, El Chapo to be widely taken into consideration the world"s richest and also most powerful drug trafficker.

After Guzman"s escape, Trump said that it was time to construct a wall surface between the two countries, and said the the drug trafficker"s remarkable escapeproved the degree of corruption in Mexico.

Trump claimed to his audience, "Can you envision Jeb shrub or Hillary Clinton negotiating v El Chapo ... Trump, however, would certainly kick his ass!" to which El Chapo"s lawyer Juan Pablo Badillo responded, “What is he going come do? absent him approximately like a football ball?”

Talking around Trump.... Me: "El Chavo will certainly take care of him" Alex: "Don" t you average El Chapo?" HAHAHAHA just one letter turn off lol

— Moe Soto (
MoeRockka) September 30, 2015

If Donald Trump rental the males who assisted El Chapo break out of jail to construct his wall, he could be on come something.

— Dan McGowan (
DanMcGowan) September 28, 2015

The entrepreneur’s vote numbers have actually risen over the previous month in response to his controversial strikes of mexico illegal immigrants as the cause of problems in the united States.

At first, Trump showed up to it is in unfazed by El Chapo"s reported threats and was even quoted as saying, "El Chapo and also the Mexican medicine cartels usage the border unimpeded prefer it was a vacuum cleaner, sucking drugs and death right right into the U.S. We obtain the killers, drugs and also crime, they gain the money."

However, much more discreetly, Trump inquiry the FBI to inspection the alleged fatality threats made versus him by El Chapo.

“Law enforcement is working very hard right currently on the case here,” that said, referring to the FBI’s investigation.

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Even Latino artist Pitbull told Trump to be careful. Follow to CNN, he told the billionaire, “To watch the end for El Chapo!”

Recently, Mike Vigil, a retired U.S. Drug Enforcement management operations chief, said if Guzman was no recaptured within two days of his escape he may never be found.

"If the is able to make his means to Sinaloa, his aboriginal state, and gets right into that such as mountain range, it"s going to it is in very complicated to catch him because he enjoys the security of local villagers," Vigil said.

Vigil"s words may have come a little bit too late, as a source close to Guzman who figured out himself as Julio “El Tio” Martinez called teleSUR on miscellaneous occasions the El Chapo arrived in Sinaloa automatically after his to escape and, due to the fact that then, has been in the mountainous range just north of the state"s capital, Culiacan.

Last week, a second arrest warrant because that El Chapo’s arrest to it is in extradited come the United claims was issued. The outcome of this warrent is still unclear, together his lawyers have actually been able come block all orders against Guzman to it is in extradited to the U.S.

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Trump es un pendejo.

— El Chapo Guzmán. (
ElChap0Guzman) august 26, 2015

Unconfirmed El Chapo Twitter page: “Trump is an idiot.”