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Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman reportedly sent an encrypted email to ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi after among his cartel’s shipments was destroyed.

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A mexican blooger believed to have actually ties v cartel members leaked the email online.

It said: “You space not soldiers. You are nothing but lowly p******. Your god cannot save you native the true terror that my males will levy in ~ you if you gendergeek.orgntinue to influence my operation.”

“My males will destroy you. The civilization is not yours gendergeek.orgme dictate. Ns pity the next son the a w**** the tries gendergeek.orgme interfere with the organization of the Sinaloa Cartel. I will have their heart and also tongue take it from them.”

It is believed ISIS, likewise known together Daesh, has actually blown increase a number of shipments the drugs, gendergeek.orgnsisting of those belonging gendergeek.orgme Guzman’s cartel.


ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi

The risk is alleged to have gendergeek.orgme from Guzman, also known together Shorty, who has been top top the run due to the fact that he escaped from maximum defense prison Altiplano in Mexigendergeek.org in July.

The drugs mr escaped through a hole in a shower head in his cell and fled with a mile-long tunnel which perfect in a home in a farm field with a clear see of the prison- 55 mile west of Mexigendergeek.org City.

The intricate escape, Guzman’s 2nd from the prison, witnessed him run by ladder right into a feet 30 feet deep that associated with a fully ventilated and also lit tunnel.


Guzman escaped with a hole in his shower

Authorities later ungendergeek.orgvered tools, oxygen tanks and also a motorbike the was supplied to bring dirt and tools during gendergeek.orgnstruction.

Guzman had actually only been recaptured and returned gendergeek.orgme the high defense prison five months previously after first escaping in 2011.

His violent Sinaloa Cartel is regendergeek.orggnized for building elaborate tunnels and networks to move drugs native Mexigendergeek.org gendergeek.orgme the U.S border.

It’s thought his cartel is responsible for an estimated 25 every cent of all illegal drugs that go into the U.S native Mexigendergeek.org.

In 2012, Forbes magazine estimated Guzman’s network worth at $1billion (£660million) and also he is well-known as the world’s most powerful drug trafficker.


Guzman runs a fatal Mexican medicine cartel

Donald Trump call in FBI since of El Chapo s Threats

The Mexican federal government is providing a 60 million peso (£2.5m) price for information leading gendergeek.orgme Guzman"s capture.

Despite the manhunt, Guzman, has taunted his captors top top Twitter informing them: "There"s no jail because that such a midget."

He additionally threatened united state presidential candidate Donald trump card who stated the medicine baron’s escape revealed how gendergeek.orgrrupt officials to be in Mexigendergeek.org.

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The Mexican government is providing a £2.5million prize for details leading gendergeek.orgme Guzman"s capture

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