IOC claims Islam El Shehaby did not catch Games’ heart of same playJudoka had been pressured no to present up for bout through Or Sasson

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Islam El Shehaby, in blue, declines to shake hands v Israel’s Or Sasson at the end of your bout. Photograph: Markus Schreiber/AP
Islam El Shehaby, in blue, declines to shower hands through Israel’s Or Sasson in ~ the end of their bout. Photograph: Markus Schreiber/AP

Egyptian judoka Islam El Shehaby has actually been sent residence from the Rio Olympics ~ refusing to shake the hand of his Israeli opponent, Or Sasson, in ~ the finish of your bout, the worldwide Olympic Committee stated on Monday.

El Shehaby, who was sent house by his very own team, shed the hit on Friday and was reprimanded through the IOC because that his actions. The IOC recognized that the rules of judo execute not oblige players to shake hands however said El Shehaby’s plot went versus the Games’ “rules of same play” and “spirit that friendship”.

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“The Egyptian Olympic Committee has also strongly condemned the action of grandfather Islam El Shehaby and also has sent out him home,” the IOC stated in a statement. “The president of the national Olympic Committee approve a statement saying they respected all athletes and all countries at the Olympic Games.”

After Sasson defeated El Shehaby and also the pair retook their areas in front of the referee, the Egyptian donate away as soon as Sasson bowed and also approached him come shake hands. As soon as called back by the referee to bow, El Shehaby provided a quick nod before walking turn off amid loud boos indigenous the crowd.

“The Disciplinary the supervisory board thought about that his behaviour in ~ the end of the competition to be contrary to the rules of fair play and against the spirit of friendship embodied in the Olympic Values,” the IOC said.

“The DC authorize a ‘severe reference for inappropriate behaviour’ to the athlete. It detailed ... The shiver of hands after a complement is not in the competition rules of the worldwide Judo Federation.”

“As well together a major reprimand, the DC has asked the Egyptian Olympic Committee to ensure in future that all your athletes receive appropriate education ~ above the Olympic Values before coming to the Olympic Games,” the IOC said.

El Shehaby, 32, had reportedly to be pressured by fans on society media not to display up because that the match with his Israeli opponent, who went top top to win bronze in the +100kg category, because it would certainly reflect bad on Islam.

“Shaking the hand of your enemy is no an obligation written in the judo rules. That happens between friends and also he’s no my friend,” El Shehaby said after the bout. “I have actually no problem with Jewish civilization or any other faith or different beliefs. Yet for an individual reasons, you can’t ask me come shake the hand the anyone from this state, specifically in prior of the entirety world,” the said.

Egypt to be the very first Arab power to make peace with Israel, in 1979, but the treaty remains unpopular among many Egyptians.