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Updated Sept. 9, 2021

Twenty years ago, the United says wasn"t officially involved in any wars. Few of us had ever before heard that al-Qaeda or Osama bin Laden, and also ISIS didn"t even exist.

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We deported half the variety of peoplewe carry out today. Our surveillance state was a portion of its existing size. And — probably hardest to believe — us didn"t need to take off our pair of shoes to gothrough airplane security.

America’s joining in the war on Terror — prompted by the 9/11 terrorist strikes — brought about a dramatic adjust in our nation"s attitudes and also concerns around safety, vigilance and privacy.

It ushered in a new generationof plans like the USA Patriot Act, prioritizing nationwide security and defense, frequently at the price of civil liberties.

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These changes continue to haverippleeffects across the globe, particularly in the middle East, where American-led army operations aided foment rebellions and also ongoing warfare throughout the region.

Below room fourof the countless dramatic effects — nationwide and in California — resulting from the events of that one tragic day.

I. ‘Forever Wars’

Less 보다 a month after 9/11, U.S. Troops attacked Afghanistan in an attempt to dismantle al-Qaeda — the terrorist group that asserted responsibility because that the strikes — and remove the Taliban government harboring it. 2 years later, in march 2003, the unified States invaded Iraq and also deposed president Saddam Hussein. Although not directly linked to the terrorist attacks, Hussein to be suspected of producing weapons of mass damage (none were ever before found). The invasion was a key part of America"s newly released War top top Terror, under the leadership of president George W. Bush.

Our army involvement in Afghanistan — i m sorry just finished calamitously in August, with the Taliban reclaiming control of the country — was the longest war in American history.

In December 2011, remaining U.S. Troops were pulled the end of Iraq, leaving that nation in a far an ext volatile state than when army operations an initial began in 2003. However the U.S. Quickly after resumed intermittent air strikes complying with the appearance of the Islamic State extremist group, i beg your pardon sprouted indigenous the chaos the war and also terrorized the region.

In 2002, the Bush administration also openedthe Guantanamo just detention facility in Cuba, where it started sending suspected opponent combatants. Organized indefinitely, detainees were denied access to trials or legitimate representation, and also were topic to brutal interrogation techniques. Over there were an ext than 650 foreign inmates in ~ the facility by 2003.

Critics have actually long thrust to shut under the Guantanamo facility, calling it a gross violation of basic human rights and also a stain on America"s photo abroad. And also although at an early stage in his first term, Obama vowedto close that — and also significantly lessened the population— that failed to completely shut that down. Previous President Donald trump was intent on keeping it open, and also even sought, unsuccessfully, come refill it. Today, Guantanamo has actually fewer 보다 40 prisoners, however still stays operational.

After 9/11, budgets because that defense-related organ skyrocketed: landscape Security"s discretionary budget plan jumped from around $16 exchange rate in 2002 to an ext than $43 exchange rate in 2011. Meanwhile, the budgets the the shore Guard, transportation Security management and Border Patrol have all more than doubled because 2001.

Over the critical 20 years, numerous young U.S. Soldiers have actually been deployed overseas, thousands have been killed and also many have returned house with debilitating physical and also mental injuries.

Since the begin of post-9/11 U.S. Military operations, some 7,000 American troops have actually been killed in Afghanistan and also Iraq, according to the latest numbers from the U.S. Department of Defense. That marks just a tiny portion of complete casualties in the 2 conflicts, i m sorry have declared the lives ofhundreds of thousands of Iraqi and also Afghan civilians, and also contractors, journalists, allied troops and also opposition fighters.

Meanwhile, an ext than 52,000 U.S. Troops in Afghanistan and Iraq have actually been hurt in action over the critical 20 years. And also many much more have returned residence physically intact however suffering native severe irreversible mental health issues, prefer post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression and also psychological ailments connected to traumatic mind injury (TBI). Countless veterans the the two disputes have taken their very own lives.

California impact

California is second only to Texas in its donation of recruits come the U.S. Military.

As of this year, 776 men and women from across the state have been killed in Iraq and also Afghanistan due to the fact that 2001, accounting for 11% of complete U.S. Casualties — an ext than any other state — according to anLA time database.

As the times reports, “Nearly 20% of California’s battle dead were old enough to die for their country but too young to buy a drink. Lock left behind 453 children.”

Four that the 13 U.S. Troops killed In the Aug. 26 suicide bombing at the Kabul airport door were Marines from California. Developing just days prior to the official end of U.S. Armed forces operations in Afghanistan, the attack also killed dozens that Afghan civilians — one of the most dangerous bombings in the practically two decades due to the fact that the U.S.-led invasion.

II. Immigration and Deportation

The Bush management created the room of Homeland protection in 2002, a cabinet-level office that an unified 22 government agencies. The Immigration and Naturalization Service and the U.S. Customs organization -- both formerly part of the department of justice -- wereconsolidated into the newly developed U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). The agency has overseen a massiveincrease in deportations; they have nearly doubled since 9/11.

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According to the room of countryside Security’s Yearbook of immigration Statistics, over there were roughly 200,000 yearly deportations a year in between 1999 and also 2001. While that number dropped contempt in 2002, it began to steadily climb the complying with year. In the an initial two years of the Obama management (2009 - 2010), deportations struggle a document high: practically 400,000 annually. About fifty percent of those deported throughout that duration were judge of a criminal offense, although largely low-level, non-violent crimes.