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An apparently official The go Dead T-shirt was yanked indigenous the shelves the a U.K. Department keep chain after the was considered “racist” and “offensive.”

According to a BBC report, the shirt (image below) motivated by the knevish Negan included a reprint of the nursery rhyme he used before killing his victims in addition to an photo of his barbed wire-wrapped baseball bat: “Eeny meeny miny moe…” The commonly known kids’ rhyme to be featured in the sixth season finale the TV’s highest-rated drama, and also in many of various other moments in pop culture (Pulp Fiction concerns mind).

But because that those unaware, in ~ one point there were versions of luck which included a racial slur, substituting the N-word for “tiger” in the phrase “catch a tiger through the toe.”

That version was taught to American schoolchildren an ext than a century ago. There is sheet music for the track online by Bert Fitzgibbon date 1906 v that usage.

Apparently, a Primark client spotted the shirt, was acquainted with the rhyme’s lesser-known usage and also told The Sheffield Star, which quoted him together saying, “This picture relates directly to the practice of assaulting black civilization in America … the is directly threatening of a racist assault, and if i were black and were challenged by a wearer I would know simply where i stood.” The customer went on to suggest out the he suspect the referral was accidental and also that the show and also retailer had no idea what they were suggesting.

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Primark then stated it to be pulling the shirts from store shelves and also issued a statement: “The T-shirt in inquiry is licensed merchandise for the U.S. Tv series, The go Dead, and also the quote and also image room taken straight from the show. Any type of offense led to by its style was wholly unintentional and Primark dear apologizes for this.”

What’s interesting around this debate is the timing. The finale aired critical April and the rhyme skittered by there is no making a blip on the collective outrage meter. The conversation was also in Robert Kirkman’s comic years prior to that. Dave Chappelle occasion parodied the scene once guest hosting Saturday Night Live (though offered a various rhyme). Yet now, 10 months later, through T-shirt in Sheffield, boom.

Ironically, during The wade Dead scene where Negan offers the rhyme come torment his victims, that hesitates to death Glenn (who is played by Korean-American gibbs Steven Yeun), due to the fact that the villain cases he doesn’t want to appear racist. (Negan later kills glen anyway.)





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