He is the just fighter recognised by the WBC to have a pristine 27-0 record, while every solitary one that his fights finished via knockout.

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Valero to be a ferocious fighter inside the ring

The Venezuelan had an aggressive, relentless layout inside the ring and had Mike Tyson’s heavy hands come match. In 2006, at simply 24, he came to be the WBA supervisor featherweight champion.

Three years later, he came to be the WBC lightweight champion and also was intent on relocating up v the weights to meet the biggest in the business.

The begin of his career observed him certain a then world record 18 first-round knockouts in a row.

But his boxing career concerned an finish when the committed self-destruction in prison complying with his arrest for murdering his wife, Jennifer Carolina Viera de Valero, in April 2010.

He to be alleged to have actually stabbed her 3 times and also according to local police, Valero calmly admitted come the abhorrent crime come the hotel workdesk at 5:30am.


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Valero eliminated his wife, Jennifer Carolina Viera de Valero and left behind 2 children

Barely one month before those disastrous events, his mam was sent out to hospital through bruises and also a damaged lung. While grandm Valero originally accused him of law the damage and also police agreed, the version of events were retracted and also insisted she had stumbled on some stairs, in spite of the reality she’d to be treated for similar injuries double before.

In part, since of the vicious personality he verified at the hospital where his wife was treated, Valero was sent out for 6 months that psychiatric rehabilitation, yet left the facility in April.

Shortly after, the Venezuelan government arranged because that him come rehabilitate in Cuba, yet a drunk Valero crashed his automobile on the way to the airport and missed his flight.

Just 10 days after that, Valero was offered a police escort come the new rehab facility, but he regulated to evade them and also slip away with his wife to the city of Valencia in a rented van. Castle checked right into the hotel that would be turned into a crime scene.

The warning signs were there as soon as Mr Valero remained in hospital, silently asking for help, however she was at some point failed.


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Despite Valero’s crimes, his hometown still had an emotional funeral because that him

This all came just two month after Valero’s last fight against Antonio DeMarco in February 2010 where he’d started making noises to face a boxing superstar.

“Manny Pacquiao is the struggle the people wants to see,” said Valero.

Had he no committed his unforgivable crime, that would might have gotten it in the following year provided the inert he to be gaining.

Had the performed in ~ welterweight? Floyd Mayweather may have opened the door to him, too. He probably would have fancied against Valero’s wild swings, in fact.

Valero’s CV – back littered with people title defences and such – doesn’t save a who’s that of boxing. So might he have really hung through all-time greats choose Pacquiao and also Mayweather?

“Valero hit so hard, that absolutely can have win Pacquiao on any type of given night,” said promoter affluent Cappiello. “Valero was not considered good because he never fought the finest fighter’s the end there. If the was ever given a shot, he possibly could have proven his greatness.”


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Every single one that Valero’s 27 victories come via stoppage

Ultimately, he showed himself to be an awful person being and also would have actually unravelled one means or another. It’s just a tragic dead he cost a mrs her life and, heartbreakingly, left two children behind.

Valero flourished up in the poor stricken Venezuela where violence surrounding him. He appeared to channel that into boxing, however it never truly left his core.

An MRI also discovered a spot on his brain that prevented that from acquiring a boxing licence in the unified States and severed his brief relationship with gold Boy Promotions.

Valero deadline the spot to a motorcycle crash before he started boxing, however could that, combination with repetitive blows come the head, have added to his volatile behaviour? That id spreads too wide to speculate with conviction.

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The story of what might have been is forever suppressed by the horrible reality of what was.