Brad Pitt has been a part of many significant movies over the course of his career, native Once top top a Time in Hollywood to Legends that the Fall. Pitt, whose personal life has often made headlines, has always preferred to store the focus on his career and also has operated hard to produce movies the stimulate conversation and also creativity. Among Pitt’s many memorable movies is the 1999 film struggle Club, directed by the cutting-edge film creator David Fincher. In the 2 decades since Fight Club was very first released, that has come to be a cult standard — and recently, Pitt opened up about the interesting method that he and his co-star in the film, Edward Norton, determined to storage the film’s initial screening. 

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(L-R) Brad Pitt and also Edward Norton | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Brad Pitt to be a major superstar through the so late nineties

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Born in Oklahoma in 1963, Brad Pitt initially wanted to seek a career in journalism yet decided later on in his college job to research acting instead. Pitt relocated to California in the so late eighties, wherein he took acting lessons and also auditioned fiercely for various roles. Indigenous 1987 through 1990, Pitt appeared in a number of small functions in television and also minor movie projects. His huge break was in 1991 when he appeared as a cowboy hitchhiker in the buddy movie Thelma & Louise

Pitt ended up being a sex symbol after ~ his quick turn in Thelma & Louise, and his work in the film caused roles in movie such as Legends of the Fall, A river Runs with It, and 12 Monkeys. He created a reputation as an actor qualified of functioning in any type of genre, from horror to comedy and even romantic drama. However, Pitt’s job-related in the 1999 movie Fight Club do the movie critics really sit up and also take notice, and those viewers who didn’t take it him seriously before certainly did after that release.

What is ‘Fight Club’ about?

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Fight Club was directed through David Fincher, and starred Brad Pitt, Edward Norton, and also Helena Bonham Carter. The movie, based on the controversial novel by lining Palahniuk, speak the story of a narrator who lives a normal, white-collar existence. The film’s narrator, who remains unnamed, at some point decides come shake things up by forming a “fight club” v soap salesman named Tyler Durden, played by Brad Pitt.

While Fight Club didn’t necessarily make it big at the box office when it was initially released, critics and also fans alike praised the acting in the movie, specifically Pitt’s turn as Tyler Durden. Over the years, Fight Club derived cult classic status, referenced by hundreds of fans. 

Brad Pitt revealed the he and also Edward Norton were stoned at the ‘Fight Club’ premiere

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Both Brad Pitt and Edward Norton walk on to good things ~ their job-related in Fight Club. Many notably, Brad Pitt finished up coming to be one of the biggest stars in the world, partially because of his association with other celebs favor Jennifer Aniston, and partially because of his savvy job choices. As Pitt revealed in January 2020, that did not intend Fight Club to be such a big movie. In fact, together he admitted top top a podcast v comedian Marc Maron, he and also Edward Norton chose to memory the film’s original screening in an unconventional manner.

“For part reason, we believed it would be a good idea come smoke a joint before,” Pitt said, according to People. “The movie starts, an initial joke come up, and also it’s crickets; it’s dead silence. An additional joke, and also it’s simply dead silent … this thing is simply not translating at all. The an ext it happened, the funnier it obtained to Edward and I. Therefore we just start laughing. We’re the a—holes in the ago laughing at our own jokes. The just ones laughing.” Ultimately, Pitt admitted that the entirety experience to be a “good time,” and also although he is proudly sober this days, he plainly still has the ability to look ago on the antics that his younger years through humor and also nostalgia.