Even despite Mel Gibson has acted in tons of good movies choose The enthusiasm of the Christ and Braveheart, his No. 1 duty will always be a dad come his nine wonderful kids.

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In 1980, he invited his first child, daughter Hannah Gibson, v his ex-wife, Robyn Moore Gibson. After ~ Hannah was born, the pair welcomed six much more kids together before they separated in 2011 after 31 years of marriage. When their divorce to be finalized, Mel started dating Russian pianist Oksana Grigorieva, who quickly came to be the mother of his eighth child. However, in 2010, the two lovebirds referred to as it quits and also Mel went on to accomplish his existing partner, screenwriter Rosalind Ross.


Although fans assumed he was done having actually kids, the duo invited son, Lars Gibson, in 2017. “As a parent, anyone screws up,” the Ransom actor previously told The Sunday Times magazine about what it’s prefer raising children. “There’s no such point as a perfect parent and also it’s so easy to chaos up. But hopefully, i’ve screwed up much less than most.”

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Mel’s boy Milo Gibson doesn’t think his dad was that awful of a parent. In fact, he said his father was an extremely supportive that his decision to go after acting together a career when he uncovered out the was his passion. “My dad was constantly a large advocate of act what you favor to do, and also keep doing brand-new things and trying new things, but do what you love,” Milo previously told The Hollywood Reporter. “And ns did that. I had actually a lot of different jobs however they weren’t points that I want to carry out for the remainder of my life. And also I have actually a really large passion because that acting and also I really love act it.”


Since Milo began acting in 2016, he’s remained in a bunch of great films like Hacksaw Ridge, Breaking & Exiting and Brother’s Keeper. Although the hasn’t won an Oscar yet, he’s certain to success one soon due to the fact that he follows this an excellent piece the advice his father offered him.

“Something that stuck with me was, once you’re working, to it is in truthful to your character and emulate castle as much as possible, and also of course, have actually fun,” Milo said. “Forget the camera is there. They say the camera is your ideal friend but I uncover it most helpful forgetting the it’s there, due to the fact that if you’re conscious of the you’re no being truthful to what she doing. So, to be honest.”

Mel desires his youngsters to with their complete potential.

Scroll through the gallery below to meet all of Mel’s kids!


Hannah Gibson

Hannah was born in 1980. Return she didn’t end up being an actor like her father, she was as soon as the assembly artist ~ above What females Want, i beg your pardon starred her dad. In 2006, Hannah married musician Kenny Wayne Shepherd — seen alongside her in the picture above — and also they have actually three children, a daughter and also two sons.


Christian Gibson

Christian is just one of Mel’s pair sons who was born in 1982. He at this time works as a camera operator in Hollywood. That has likewise worked alongside his dad in movies like Hacksaw Ridge and Daddy’s home 2.

Edward Gibson

Edward — pictured ~ above the appropriate in the photo above — is Christian’s twin and he resides a an ext private life 보다 his lookalike brother. Edward is the founder of herbal Edge, a firm that makes custom hardwood slab furniture.

William Gibson

William to be born in 1985 and he is Mel’s 3rd son. William stays a reasonably private life, so lot so that there aren’t any kind of photos accessible of him! The above photo shows his parental in 1997 in ~ the 69th Academy Awards.

Louis Gibson

Ever heard of a film titled Happy Hunting? Well, Louis, born in 1988, wrote and also directed it, together it is clean he prefers being behind the camera and spending much less time in former of it.

Milo Gibson

Milo, born in 1990, is follow acting as with his dad. He’s set to star in the 2021 movie Manifest West.

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Thomas Gibson

In this 2007 throwback pic space Mel and also his youngest child with Robyn, kid Thomas. In 2017, Mel’s son graduated native college.