It’s to be 16 years since Facebook was founded by mark Zuckerberg in his Harvard dorm room. And it’s been specifically 10 years because David Fincher's movie around the company's at an early stage days, The society Network, fight theaters.

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The people has adjusted in ten years. There space a many of tough seltzer brands. Email newsletters are huge business. And also most that the major characters in the movie have actually moved previous their facebook days.

Here’s what those people, indigenous the Winklevoss twins to Sean Parker, room up to now.

Eduardo Saverin



Columbia Pictures/Nicky Loh/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Facebook role: Cofounder that Facebook

Movie role: Zuck’s ethical conscience

Net Worth: $14.5 exchange rate (2020)

Thoughts top top The social Network: In a 2010 op-ed because that CNBC, Saverin wrote “the movie was clearly intended to be entertainment and not a fact-based documentary.” In 2012, he hammered residence the same point in an interview through Brazilian magazine Veja: "That's Hollywood fantasy, no a documentary."

Where room they now? Saverin, initially born in Brazil, renounced his U.S. Citizenship one year after ~ The social Network struggle theaters. He moved to Singapore, where he now heads increase B Capital, the venture capital firm he founded in 2015. Some noteworthy companies in his portfolio: Bird (scooters) and Bellevue (software). In June, B capital raised $820 million because that a 2nd fund concentrated on growth-stage startups.

Dustin Moskovitz

Facebook role: Cofounder and also CTO

Role in the movie: Guy you most likely forgot bunked through Zuck

Net Worth: $16 exchange rate (2020)

Thoughts ~ above The society Network: Writing around the movie trailer on the website Quora, Moskovitz said, “It is interesting to see my previous rewritten in a way that emphasizes points that didn’t matter (like the Winklevosses, who I’ve still never even met...).”

Where space they now? After coming to be the youngest self-made billionaire in background thanks come his role with Facebook, Moskovitz left to begin Asana, a workflow software application company, in 2008. Asana just went public, capitalizing top top greater demand for remote participation tools in the pandemic era.

Sean Parker



Facebook role: Early investor and first president that the company

Movie role: Zuck’s questionable role model who argued “The Facebook” autumn the “the”

Net Worth: $2.7 exchange rate (2020)

Thoughts ~ above The social Network: Parker delighted in the movie, yet said “it’s finish fiction,” adding, “There space no Victoria’s secret models in Silicon Valley.”

Where space they now? Parker was already a well-known figure in the tech world before Facebook, having started the music sharing organization Napster in 1999. After his quick stint as Facebook’s president, he went back to the music industry, investing early on in Spotify and serving ~ above its board until 2017. Parker started tinkering v a society network focused on politics in 2015 and has mainly focused his work-related on the political arena in the last couple of years.

Peter Thiel

Facebook role: Early investor

Movie: Early investor

Net Worth: $2.1 exchange rate (2020)

Thoughts top top The society Network: In 2010, Thiel told business Insider, “The movie was as well favorable come and also too unfavorable to Zuckerberg.“

Where space they now? He’s a famed undertaking capitalist and PayPal Mafia member that recently showed up in the Brew for cofounding Palantir, a controversial data firm that just went public.

Winklevoss pair aka Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss


Columbia pictures / Kathryn Page/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Facebook role: Claimed they come up v the idea for Facebook

Movie role: playing Zuck’s cool Ken-doll foils, while trial and error the bounds of CGI and Armie Hammer’s exhilaration chops

Net Worth: $1.45 exchange rate (2020)

Thoughts on The society Network: Tyler called web design firm new Tilled floor in 2013, “We thought it was an extremely entertaining," and also Cameron included "it should've won ideal picture." however they tested the film’s portrayal the Zuck as an underdog, speak there’s "a lot more similarities between ourselves and also Zuckerberg 보다 most people really want to pay fist to."

Where room they now? Cameron and also Tyler have actually made a name for themselves in the crypto scene by cofounding Gemini, a cryptocurrency exchange rivaling Coinbase that’s around to broaden into the U.K. Deadline reports they’re now developing a movie around themselves v the modest title Bitcoin Billionaires.

Chris Hughes

Facebook role: Cofounder and, as Fast company writes, “part anthropologist, component customer-service rep, part media spokesperson.”

Movie: “Guy who occasionally looks over Mark’s shoulder” would certainly be a quite accurate spreading credit

Net Worth: ~$400 million (2019)

Thoughts ~ above The social Network: In a 2018 Reddit AMA, Hughes wrote, "Our dorm room did no in truth look favor a high-end condo and also (to mine knowledge!) there to be no sex in the bathroom.”

Where space they now? When friend Google “Chris Hughes,” the height search results display a Love Island truth TV star with the exact same name. That’s due to the fact that Hughes keeps largely out that the spotlight now, spending his time on the financial Security Project, a team he cofounded the funds guaranteed-income projects similar to universal straightforward income (UBI). In 2019, he wrote a widely circulated NYT op-ed calling for the breakup of Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg

Original on facebook role: Facebook cofounder

Role in the movie: Generally unlikable protagonist

Net Worth: $96.3 billion (2020)

Thoughts ~ above The society Network: “They went the end of their method in the movie to try to gain some interesting details correct favor the design of the office, yet on the overarching plot...they simply kind of made up a bunch the stuff that I discovered kind that hurtful,” Zuckerberg claimed in a 2014 Q&A.

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Where space they now? You recognize the answer to this one. However to be much more specific than “running Facebook,” he’s to be spending several time ~ above Capitol Hill over antitrust and also security issues. In lighter news, he’s additionally been electrically shredding surf in Hawaii, where he became a meme, adding a tiny dramatic irony come his life script.

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