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When Valerie Bertinelli was invite to a Van Halen concert by her brothers, she wasn’t sure she want to go. But then, she observed a snapshot of lead guitarist and also her future husbandEddie valve Halen.

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“I take it a look in ~ the 8-track cassette that remained in the ago of mine Corvette … and also I saw a picture of Ed, and I went, ‘Oh, yeah, I’ll be going. He’s a cutie,"” Bertinelli toldOprah. Already famed for her function as Barbara Cooper ~ above the TV sitcom One Day in ~ a Time, the 20-year-old actress supplied her connections to gain herself backstage to fulfill the guitar legend. Band manager Noel E. Monk remembers their meeting in his memoir, “Runnin’ through the Devil”, claiming that they had actually “instant chemistry”.

“I assumption: v she’s obtained a little crush on Edward,” the show’s promoter had explained to Monk as soon as she asked to come backstage.

“It was sort of cute to see them together? they were both plainly nervous and also somewhat reticent,”Monk remembers. “This to win me together a sign of genuine chemistry. ~ all, Valerie had spent most of she life in former of a camera or audience; she was totally comfortable through all path of windy interaction. And also yet, below she was, stammering and also blushing prefer a schoolgirl in the existence of the captain that the soccer team. And Edward? right here was a guy who went the end on phase every night and performed, wizardlike, in former of thousands of adoring fans. In the existence of this young woman, however, the rock star facade melted away.”

And so begins the bittersweet love story the Eddie valve Halen and also Valerie Bertinelli.

Eddie valve Halen & Valerie Bertinelli obtain Hitched

Within a few months that meeting, Eddie and also Valerie had actually already collection a day for their wedding. ~ the ceremony, the rocker somehow regulated to gain drunk in the minutes complying with the ceremony, and also ended up hunched over the restroom bowl through Valerie holding his hair.

“She coaxed Edward to his feet, cleaned that up, straightened his tie, and also helped that comb his hair,” writes Monk. “In she eyes I experienced not disappointment but compassion and also love…They emerged from the toilet hand in hand, and made a glorious entrance right into the cool ballroom, whereby a group of family and friends and an assortment the Hollywood stars burst into applause.”


Things only acquired rockier indigenous there. The legendary guitarist endured from problem abuse, and his bad-boy means took a toll on their relationship. In the beginning, Valerie do the efforts to store up. She started doing cocaine in an initiative to remain skinny. Eventually, also Eddie had to recognize she had actually a problem. In an effort to assist his wife out, he took her the end for a chili cheese dog and fries. In she memior, Losing It, Valerie credits her husband’s actions as helping “save me indigenous a severe eating disorder”.

But even after Valerie quit act coke in 1984, your relationship ongoing to collapse. “There was a lot walk on: Ed?s fights with Dave , Ed?s drinking and coke, his obsessive work-related habits,” she recalls.

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Eddie & Valerie at some point Divorce

10 year after tying the knot, the pair welcomed their child Wolfgang van Halen into the world. However their child wasn’t may be to save their doomed marriage. ?There?s no concern that Valerie had strong feelings because that Eddie,? writer Joel Selvin penned in his memoir, “Red: my Uncensored Life in Rock”. ?I don?t understand that she acquired sick that him. Yet I perform think she got sick of the alcohol and also the drugs.?

In 2001, Eddie and Valerie divorced. Your marriage had actually been rough. Valerie said Oprah that component of the reason she divorced her husband was out of issue for her son. “One that the many reasons the Ed and also I split up is to provide Wolfie a far better vision the what two world who are supposedly in love act each various other like,” she said. “Ed and also I weren’t dealing with each various other like two people that loved every other, and that’s what Wolfie was seeing.”