The Danish Girl Trailer: Eddie Redmayne Is A Transgender Pioneer Eddie Redmayne theatre Lili Elbe, the real-life transgender artist in the trailer because that Les Misérables manager Tom Hooper"s The Danish Girl.

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The last weeks of summer additionally mean the soon loss - and with it, the Hollywood awards season - will be getting underway, sooner 보다 later. Amongst the 2015 Oscar potentials already being talked-about is The Danish Girl, a film the reunites actor Eddie Redmayne (who won an Oscar for play Stephen Hawking in The concept of Everything) with his Les Misérables manager Tom Hooper (who won an Oscar because that helming The King"s Speech) for a duration drama motivated by genuine events.

Danish Girl is based on David Ebershoff"s 2000 novel of the same name, and also tells a semi-fictionalized variation of transgender pioneer Lili Elbe (Redmayne), that was born Einar Wegener. You deserve to watch the new trailer for the film, above.

The Danish Girl trailer offers a relatively straight-forward summary of the film"s narrative, chronicling Lili"s early days as the artist Einar and also romance/marriage to fellow Danish artist Gerda Gottlieb - played by climbing star Alicia Vikander (Ex Machina, The guy from U.N.C.L.E.) - to her ultimate realization that she identifies as a different gender than the one assigned to she at birth. Ebershoff"s publication was adapted for the display screen by Lucinda Coxon - writer of The love of Me and Wild Target, who likewise did uncredited work on guillermo del Toro"s Gothic horror/romance Crimson Peak - in what the trailer argues should it is in a fairly loyal adaptation (again, based upon Ebershoff"s partly-fictional version of Lili"s story).

Rounding out the Danish Girl cast are together actors as Ben Whishaw (Cloud Atlas, Skyfall), Amber Heard (The Rum Diary, 3 Days to Kill), Matthew Schoenaerts (The Drop, Far native the Madding Crowd), Emerald Fennell (Albert Nobbs, Anna Karenina), and also Sebastian Koch (A great Day to die Hard, Bridge of Spies).

Alicia Vikander and also Eddie Redmayne in The Danish Girl
It"s a fair bet that Danish Girl will certainly prompt controversy of some selection when it come in theaters, connected to certain artistic choices - be it the decision to not have a transgender gibbs play Lili Elbe ~ above the large screen or the cinematography by Hooper"s frequent collaborator, Danny Cohen (whose stylistic approach on movies like The King"s Speech and Les Misérables tends to division cinephiles in particular). Nonetheless, Hooper"s new film has the advantage of timeliness ~ above its side, due to the fact that transgender civil liberties are a topic that is right now in the spotlight, both in regards to public discussion and pop culture (see TV shows choose Amazon"s award-winning Transparent or upcoming movies like About Ray).

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It"s certainly possible movies like The Danish Girl will eventually tap into those discussions without adding or widening upon castle in a considerable manner, as soon as all is said and also done. Nevertheless, the trailer alone says Hooper"s film has the makings the a sensitive and also moving portrayal that Lili Elbe"s story, as lugged to life by talented artists working on both sides of the camera. Lili"s story is certainly one worthy of being told top top the huge screen, and it"s a testament to the changing times that such a film is also being make (with together prestigious a cast and director as this).