When friend think around Eddie Murphy’s 1983 stand-up unique Delirious, you either think around its raunchy contents or the glowing red suit the comedian wore transparent the program. The outfit is one of his most memorable looks and also is quiet widely debated today. In fact, Murphy was asked about the fit in a recent interview and also revealed the something yes, really horrible happened to it.

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Eddie Murphy in ~ an award display in 2016 | photograph by Steve Granitz/WireImage

What occurred to Eddie Murphy’s red leather fit from ‘Delirious’?

On Dec. 21, Murphy showed up onThe Tonight show Starring Jimmy Fallon,where that revealed the fate of his top suit.

“The red fit was damaged one night Keenen cream color Wayans,” he defined to hold Jimmy Fallon. “Back then, if girlfriend dared that to execute anything, the would carry out it. One night, we were acquiring dressed to walk somewhere and also he came in the closet, saw the suit and put the red leather suit on.” yet it fit lot tighter top top the hunky In life Color hold than Murphy.

“Keenen’s prefer 6-foot-4 with muscles, so the fit was busting off him,” Murphy explained. “And ns said, ‘I challenge you to walk out v that fit on."”

“This was earlier in the day, so we went to Studio54 and all this clubs,” Murphy continued. “And in ~ the finish of the night, the fit was destroyed.”

He likewise talked about the violet suit that he wore in his 1987 stand-up special, Raw, yet its whereabouts space a lot murkier. “I don’t recognize what occurred to the violet one,” Murphy said Fallon.

Watch his comments around the 1:00 mark

Does Eddie Murphy still carry out stand-up comedy?

Murphy hasn’t done stand-up in decades. Yet he told The new York times in September that he has actually a comedy tourism planned and that he’s slated to release a distinct on Netflix in 2020. However, pan shouldn’t suppose to watch anything similar to his old material.

“I’m mushier than I offered to be,” he defined to the publication.

“I now have actually a totality lifetime of experience to draw upon,” that added. “There to be a time as soon as I was at the center of everything, what ns was doing, and how funny i was and also how popular. I’m not at the center. Now my youngsters are and everything revolves roughly them,”the father-of-10continued.

Though pan won’t be acquiring a distinct for another couple of months, Murphy freshly performed comedy ~ above Saturday Night Live. Top top Dec. 21, the Dr. Dolittle star held the show and reprised his many iconic characters for the very first time in 35 years. From beginning to end, the collection gave fans every little thing they were hoping for and also then some.

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Aside from that, Murphy also has another significant project comes up: the long-awaited sequel to Coming come America (1988). Murphy called Fallon the he’d completed filming two weeks earlier and also that the movie is downright hilarious. So, there’s a lot to gain excited about.

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