SHE'S locked in a fresh courtroom wrangle v her ex Eddie Murphy after asking him to pay more child support for their teenager daughter.

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Yet Mel B's partnership with the Hollywood star hasn't constantly been rocky - with the freckles Girl as soon as describing Eddie as the "love of my life".


Mel, one fifth of the best-selling girl team of every time, and Eddie met back in 2006, adhering to the actor's divorce from his ex-wife Nicole Mitchell. 

They clapped eyes on each other during a party at Eddie's home in Beverly Hills, California, finish with a gigantic hot tub, bowling alley and also gym.

And because that Scary Spice, it to be love at first sight.

'A 2k-volt electric current'

"It was as if a 2,000-volt electric current had passed in between us," she created of she encounter through Eddie in she 2018 memoir, Brutally Honest.

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"I feeling a hundred various emotions at once, from perplexed to elated, to happy come scared, to relaxed to incredulous, and also everything in between."

The superstar and also doting mother, now 45, continued: "I felt I had known this man all mine life and that ns was staring in ~ my destiny in his face."


Hollywood star Eddie is pictured through all ten of his kids - v his and Mel’s daughter angel Iris Murphy Brown, currently 13, viewed smiling at the frontCredit: Instagram

Doting mum Mel is locked in a fresh courtroom wrangle v EddieCredit: Instagram

At the time, gold Globes winner Eddie, 59, currently had seven children: two sons by two ex-girlfriends and five youngsters with ex Nicole.

But when Mel didn't think anything would come that their remarkable encounter in Eddie's sprawling kitchen, the pair soon dropped for each other.

Luxury LA lifestyle

Within weeks of dating, Eddie to be reportedly having Mel chauffeured in his roll Royce, and also even invite her to relocate in - despite she declined.

The actor also gave Mel a credit card together their romantic blossomed, saying it would certainly 'make that happy' if she used it, according to the day-to-day Mail.