On this day, 16th June, one African-American R&B singer, songwriter, and also actor, Edward “Eddie” Willis Levert, is celebrating his 75th Birthday. Eddie Levert is ideal known as the lead vocalist of the R&B/Soul vocal group, “The O’Jays.”


Levert Eddie was born in Birmingham, Alabama, but raised in Canton, Ohio. If attending his high school studies, that met his girlfriend such as Walter Williams, Bobby Massey, bill Isles, and also William Powell, all of whom were motivated to song after evil a performance from Frankie Lymon & the Teenagers. They came together in 1958 to type “The O’Jays’ which to be originally known as “The Triumphs and The Mascots.” The team was officially renamed together The O’Jays after ~ they got their surname from DJ Eddie O’Jay.

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The group’s very first big hit was “Lonely Drifter” in 1963 which was lifted off their debut album Comin Through. The O’Jays are mainly known by their hits “Back Stabbers,” “Love Train,” and also “For the Love the Money“. Eddie Willis starred and performed in the movie “The Fighting Temptations” and performed the tune “He quiet Loves Me” in 2003. Willis, together his team members, received the BET Lifetime accomplishment Award in ~ the 2009 bet Awards. The O’Jays to be inducted into the Vocal group Hall of fame in 2004, and The Rock and also Roll hall of call in 2005.

Edward Willis Levert is the dad of the late R&B singers, Gerald Levert, who died on 10th November, 2006; Sean Levert, who passed away on 30th March, 2008; Eddie Levert Jr., the CEO that Levert to chat Group, a Music label headquartered in Los Angeles, C.A. He likewise has a daughter, Kadice Levert, the the Cleveland (Solon), Ohio. Although that been an ext than a decade due to the fact that Eddie Levert shed his son/singer, Gerald, and virtually 9 years because he shed his son/singer, Sean, R&B fans throughout the human being are still saddened behind your deaths. As such, one deserve to probably imagine the quantity of grief and pain your father and mother still go through to this date. ~ above the death of Gerald in November of 2006 indigenous an inadvertently overdose of prescription meds and over-the-counter meds, everybody to be wondering just how Willis Eddie, who was very close come his son, would have the ability to proceed through his music. However, even in spite of the death of his second son- Sean, 14 months later, Eddie still managed to write himself and continue through his music career.

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The relationships in between Eddie Sr. And Gerald ended up being a subject of a book, I acquired Your Back: A Father and also Son store It Real about Love, Fatherhood, Family, and also Friendship issued in 2007. Edward Willis LeVert is the third cousin of the previous Michigan basketball star and current Brooklyn Nets player, Caris LeVert.

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