The smile on her challenge is amazing.

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Like his music. Don"t prefer his music. That cares since Ed Sheeran consistently uses his celebrity condition to brighten up people"s lives.

The Grammy compensation winner is right now on a hiatus from recording new music, but it seems that he"s still being remarkably sound come his fans.

There are countless examples of Sheeran gift an very decent fella - we especially like this story of that going the end on the lash v some ireland J1 students and his famed appearance ~ above the so late Late Toy present - but his many recent action of kindness was towards someone that required it the most.

Melody is 9 year old and is can not to to walk or talk, but she understands everything.

Unfortunately, Melody"s various conditions have led to her to invest 80% of she life in the hospital, she suffers indigenous a condition called Rett syndrome.

This gift said, she"s still one of Ed Sheeran"s greatest fans and the look at on her face as she meets she idol is enough to melt the coldest that hearts.

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Take a look.