I was expecting to it is in talking about X significant character’s fatality after critical night’s Game of Thrones premiere.

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I was no expecting to it is in talking about Ed Sheeran.

In truth, this was among the the very least bloody illustration of the entire series (overlooking Arya’s little poisonous dinner party), and mostly offered as collection up for the problems to come. However the one moment that appears to have actually stuck with everyone was a certain less-than-subtle cameo native world-famous musician, Ed Sheeran.

If you don’t know who Ed Sheeran is or what that looks like, you more than likely didn’t think anything to be amiss. However if friend do, and millions will identify him ~ above sight, it to be a very bizarre moment in a show that seems like it would avoid these type of “celebrity guest star” cameos.

Sheeran plays a young Lannister soldier, part of a detachment that Arya encounters after ~ dispatching the Freys. That sings a tune that Arya hears from a ways off (“It’s a brand-new one” the says, as soon as Arya asks what the track is. Very sewing it’s not among his own). And also I think he has one various other line around how king Landing is the worst. Many of the talking is left to two various other members the the party during the scene.

And still, his appearance to be jarring. Ns say this no as someone that dislikes Ed Sheeran, but it to be handled totally wrong. If girlfriend knew that he was, that was every you might focus top top in the scene, and also especially for the kind of display Game the Thrones is, this type of front-and-center cameo of who this famous seemed the end of place, prefer Miley Cyrus arriving on The go Dead together a survivor or the town hall The Handmaid’s Tale v special musical guest Drake. Sheeran’s cameo actually reminded me a most when Rihanna confirmed up come play Marion Crane on the critical season the Bates Motel, where it was difficult to watch anyone but Rihanna throughout her insignificant (though she didn’t sing).

This also isn’t come say the Game that Thrones shouldn’t have musical cameos, together it has actually done for this reason many, numerous times in the past. Throughout the last six seasons, members the the bands snow Patrol, Coldplay, Sigur Ros, Mastadon and also Of Monsters and also Men all proved up ~ above Game the Thrones in ~ one point, however if friend didn’t understand that, ns wouldn’t blame you. That’s since A) a lot of less world would know what these band members look at like and B) lock were regularly dressed increase so you probably wouldn’t recognize them anyway. Ed Sheeran was just Ed Sheeran…in armor, and also he definitely wasn’t hiding in the background.

Anyway, it didn’t damage the night or anything, but it was pretty distracting in what to be a key scene wherein Arya gets to see that the Lannister army isn’t part faceless massive of evil, yet contains some sweet young boys together well. Understanding Game the Thrones, i wouldn’t be surprised to watch these lads present up as corpses later, teaching Arya another an important lesson. And I know there to be plenty of civilization last night rooting for Arya come stick Ed Sheeran, however that appears a bit excessive to me.

So yes, this was a misstep native Game of Thrones, to it is in sure. They’ve excellent plenty the non-distracting cameos before, but this one was painfully unsubtle come the point where it more than likely shouldn’t have happened at all.

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