Ed Sheeran and also Taylor Swift attend the 58th Grammy Awards at Staples facility on February 15, 2016 in Los Angeles.

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Ed Sheeran has the scoop on Taylor Swift"s re-recorded Red album.

In an interview top top Sunday (June 27), Sheeran to be asked when he plans to re-record "Everything has actually Changed," his duet through Swift that was released on the original Red. Swift has actually announced a Nov. 19 release day for Red (Taylor"s Version), the following studio album indigenous her brochure that she"s re-recording.

Sheeran didn"t shy away from the question. In fact, the gavea straight answer and available some within information around what Swift has actually in the works for fans this fall.

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Taylor Swift"s "Red (Taylor"s Version)" has actually 30 Songs: our Track perform Predictions

"I"ve currently recorded it," Sheeran revealed top top the U.K. Radio chart present The Official large Top 40, in answer to the inquiry about "Everything has Changed."

And then Sheeran added, "Taylor"s acquired a few surprises in save for you, I"ll speak that."

Before Red was initially released in 2012, the pair both comprise there to be at least one more as-yet-unheard song from your Red-era session. The summer, Sheeran called Rolling Stone the the pair "wrote two tunes, actually, one top top the record <Red> and also another that"s still out in the ether somewhere.”

gendergeek.org recently predicted that Red (Taylor"s Version), slated to include 30 tracks, could feature the Swift/Sheeran participation from the vault.

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Watch Sheeran re-superstructure the Swift news in the interview clip below. Plus, view if he had the ability to take top top the challenge to beat a medley of every one of his U.K. No. 1 songs in just a minute.

By Ashley Iasimone
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