Ed, Edd, N Eddy: 10 points You Didn't Know around The classic Cartoon with its colorful animation and also stories, it winner fans about the world and also is still taken into consideration one the Cartoon Network"s most renowned shows.

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Ed Edd Eddy
Cartoon Network"s Ed, Edd n Eddy is a show revolving approximately three friends with similar names that come up with various schemes to earn money for jawbreakers. In turn earning the ire that the other youngsters from their cul-de-sac, in enhancement to problem from the antagonistic and also lovelorn Kanker Sisters.

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With its colorful animation and also stories, it winner fans approximately the world and also is still thought about one of Cartoon Network"s most popular shows, both during and also after its original run. Even years ~ the collection ended, fans have displayed their love that the collection with famous videos, pan animation, memes, fan fiction, and more.

Ed Edd Eddy Canada
The cartoon to be created and also produced in Canada, with its animation company A.K.A. Cartoon, being based in Vancouver, british Columbia. Together of the finale, it came to be the longest-running animated collection produced in Canada. That said, because it to be an initial Cartoon Network display aimed art an American audience, the collection has periodically been taken into consideration a Canadian-American co-production.

Despite this, the show doesn"t seem to take location in Canada, with the characters referring to it together a foreign place in early on episodes, especially Ed"s famous "Canadians are weird" quip. Later episodes retained this ambiguous, with personalities using Canadian flag stickers or paper Christmas crowns.

one of the factors it might be surprising the the series is Canadian is that it had a difficult time airing in its nation of origin.

Teletoon aired the first season in 2002 though it was pulled after ~ a few weeks. It wouldn"t return to the country until 2012, as soon as Cartoon Network started a network in the region. Ironically, the movie, the Big snapshot Show, aired in the show"s nation of origin prior to it aired in the united States.

Ed Eddy Ed
In the series, the characters can regularly be seen v unusual tongue colors, like purple or green, come the point where personalities sometimes having different tongue colors between episodes.

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Series creator Danny Antonucci once explained the story behind this: the was influenced to attract his characters this way after see his sons and their friends with in different way colored tongues from eating candy. If this could likewise be seen as the in-universe explanation because that why the characters have various colored tongues in the cartoon, specifically why it seems to change, that does contradict the running joke of the Eds never having sufficient money because that jawbreakers.

7 Kevin was The only Boy Voiced By one Actress

Ed Edd Eddy Kevin
One thing about the series that was unusual for the time is that most of the male personalities are voiced by male actors. Beforehand, the was very common because that young kids to it is in voiced by adult women. In fact, countless foreign dubs of the display had Johnny and also Jimmy referred to as over v female actors.

The one exemption to this in the initial English version of the show is Kevin, who was voiced by actress kathleen Barr, who additionally voiced Marie Kanker.

when the collection bucked the tendency of having actually most the the boys played through actresses, even for the youngest character, Jimmy, the series still found another method to give Jimmy a youthful voice.

His voice actor, Keenan Christensen, to be born in 1984 and also was school-aged throughout the production of the series, making the the youngest that the voice actors.

5 Rolf to be Going To gain His own Show

The personality of Rolf would prove popular, even in year after the show had finished, often showing up as the subject of memes and also viral videos. Collection creator Danny Antonucci has also said he is one of his favorite characters and also was partially based upon his own experience together the boy of europe immigrants.

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At one point, that was thought about to provide Rolf his very own spin-off show, but it is unsure how much off this lasted in development.

One episode of the series was actually motivated by a fanfiction composed by a fan, Kit Topp, that ran the Edtropolis fansite.

The episode in question, "Here"s dirt in her Ed," revolves about Rolf and Jimmy obtaining revenge ~ above Eddy by tricking him right into trading everything he has for a magic "money tree" seed after ~ tricking Jimmy the end of money with a fake amusement park.

3 Danny Antonucci has Debunked The Purgatory fan Rumor

over the years, a renowned urban legend around the collection that has actually propped increase is that the personalities are supposed to it is in the spirits of deceased kids from different time periods trapped in Purgatory. Many variations that the claim usually repaint Eddy as being a kid of the great Depression to explain his obsession with money. Some variations additionally portray the Kanker sisters as demons quite than various other ghosts. This theory was frequently used to describe unique aspects of the show, favor parents rarely appearing.

Series creator Danny Antonucci has somewhat debunked this rumor, saying that the personalities are based on either himself or people he knew growing up, also claiming that details episode events were based upon things that actually taken place to him, definition the characters are no from different time periods. On a associated note, a absence of clearly shows parents on the present was described by at an early stage episodes taking place throughout long summer days.

as mentioned, one interesting aspect of the series is that adult characters rarely do appearances ~ above the show. There room a few exceptions, such together Eddy"s Brother showing up in the movie.

This confirmed to it is in an concern when the series aired in Japan, together the lack of positive authority figures was deemed controversial. Because of this, just the very first two periods are believed to have been dubbed in Japanese.

1 numerous Of The Voice actors Have additionally Voiced Anime Characters

plenty of of the voice actors involved in the initial English variation of the collection are connected with s Productions, Inc., likewise known as The ocean Group, a Canadian studio known for dubbing a few anime series.

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For example, all three voice actors because that the Eds appeared the Cardcaptors, the original English adaptation that Cardcaptor Sakura. Tony Sampson (Eddy) voiced Tori Avalon (Toya Kinomoto), Matt Hill (Ed) voiced Kero, and also Sam Vincent (Edd/Double D) voiced Julian Star (Yukito Tsukishiro).