(gendergeek.org)Ed Asner, who rose to fame together the crusty however lovable newsman Lou grant on "The mary Tyler Moore Show," died Sunday morning, his publicist confirmed to gendergeek.org. He was 91.

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"We space sorry come say that our beloved patriarch passed away this morning peacefully," the write-up read.


Asner, a veteran that Chicago"s comedy theatre scene -- the was part of the Compass Players, a predecessor to second City -- was a detailed character actor prior to landing the role of WJM-TV news director give in "Mary Tyler Moore," i m sorry premiered in 1970. Originally depicted as gruff and also snappish, v his tie forever unknotted and a bottle of whiskey in ~ the ready, his personality mellowed over the show"s seven-year run to become a pan favorite.
The personality was spun off right into his very own series, "Lou Grant," a one-hour drama that ran indigenous 1977 come 1982.
Asner won 5 of his 7 Emmy Awards for playing Grant, three as best supporting gibbs in a comedy collection for "Mary Tyler Moore" and two for lead actor in a drama because that "Lou Grant." He likewise won Emmys for his job-related in the 1976 mini-series "Rich Man, poor Man" and also the 1977 miniseries "Roots."
After "Lou Grant" to be canceled, Asner ongoing to work prolifically in movies and television, popping up in such series as "Modern Family," "ER," "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip," "The X-Files," "The good Wife," "Grace and also Frankie," "Hot in Cleveland" and also "Cobra Kai." The stocky actor play Santa Claus an ext than once, perhaps most notably in the movie "Elf" (2003).
Asner winner fans among a new generation that moviegoers as soon as he offered voice come the bespectacled widower and also retired balloon clerk Carl Fredricksen in Pixar"s 2009 heartwarming film, "Up."
The kid of Orthodox Jewish immigrants, Asner was born in Kansas City, Missouri. He very first became interested in performing through a weekly radio program developed by his high school. He served in the military before landing in Chicago, carry out on Broadway and later top to California.
Asner was never shy about airing his liberal politics opinions. He top the screen Actors Guild indigenous 1981 come 1985, regularly contributed to democratic candidates and liberal causes and also seldom shied from a debate. In 2012, the lent his voice come a quick animated film about the reasons of the jae won crisis.
He had much more than a dozen credits ~ above upcoming projects, through some in post-production detailed on his IMDb web page at the time of his death.

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In one interview through The Hollywood Reporter earlier this month, Asner talked about his career, common his thoughts on the upcoming California recall and showcased his humor once asked how old the felt.
"If the weren"t because that my bad left leg, I would feel younger," Asner told the publication. "I"ve got countless parts that should be bolstered and also refurbished. And also I haven"t got time come undergo all those changes."