MTV raised many eyebrows through the 2009 debut of a reality television series aptly title 16 and Pregnant. Camera crews followed teens around as they documented their unplanned pregnancies because that the human being to see. Think the movie Juno, but in genuine life — a comparison made renowned by The brand-new York Times.

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While the collection drew harsh criticism native some, it additionally garnered prayer from others, who argued the display did a great job of recording the battles of unplanned teenage pregnancy. The show quickly created a large fan base and per The Wrap, its 2nd season premiere caught a staggering 3.4 million viewers. Quite impressive!

While many of the teenager moms stole our hearts — ahem, Maci Bookout — there were simply as countless that left united state scratching our top — ahem, Farrah Abraham. However what about Season 1"s Ebony Jackson? go she land on she feet after making she debut right into reality television, or walk she succumb come the pitfalls the being illustrated on a reality show while navigating life as a teen mom? Keep reading after the jump to discover out!

Unfortunately, it wasn"t all rainbows and also sunshine because that MTV"s 16 and Pregnant couple Joshua Rendon and also Ebony Jackson. During their time on the show, viewers watched the pair welcome their daughter, Jocelyn. Shortly after, the pair married and Joshua enlisted in the Air force in an effort to provide for his wife and also daughter. All appeared well... Until it wasn"t.

As report by ABC, the pair was arrested in 2011 and their daughter was automatically taken right into child security services. Officials obtained a find warrant because that the couple"s home and were take away aback in ~ the state that the life conditions, with animal excrement, flies, maggots, dirty diapers, tobacco butts, and also other trash littered throughout the home. The police report stated, "Every room inside the residence had actually human and also dog feces on the floors, walls and clothing."

But that"s not all — officials likewise allegedly found fabricated marijuana and also drug paraphernalia. Both Joshua and Ebony were arrested and subsequently exit on one $8000 bond. ~ above the couple"s arrest, however, Jocelyn was inserted in custody of the Arkansas room of person Services. 

Later, Ebony speak candidly around the arrest and her kid being bring away away with Hollywood Life. During the 2011 interview, Ebony cited depression complying with a damaging miscarriage for her household"s disarray. "I lost a kid, so I"ve to be going v my own personal problems and so ns haven"t been able to be the wife, mom that I"m claimed to be," she confessed.

Ebony Jackson and also Joshua Rendon did eventually go on to have one more child, a daughter called Jayda, however the pair eventually separated in 2013, every Starcasm

In 2015, however, it appeared that Ebony had uncovered happiness yet again — this time in the eight of boyfriend James Baldrick, as reported by In Touch Weekly. James took to Instagram to share the great news. "#HappyEaster thought I would ultimately share the an excellent news! speak hello come Jaelyn Zoria Baldrick #itsagirl early out June 22," the penned in the post.

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That provides baby number three for Ebony, despite it"s reported the her ex-husband Joshua maintain custody of her eldest two daughters, Jocelyn and Jayda. And also while this provides the very first child for Ebony and also Baldrick, this is no their first pregnancy together. Together reported by The Ashley"s reality Roundup, the pair tragically experienced a miscarriage through a child they plan to surname Hercules in 2014.