What happens to the body from eating too many cooked onions? offered the popular of the vegetable, there are many human being who questioning this question. In the next lines the this article, you can discover the complete answer.

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The services of onion

Before frame the aftermath of eating too much cooked onions, let’s view for a moment what are the main benefits that this wonderful vegetable. Onion has actually several advantageous properties. Among these, that is feasible to mention the wealth in water (in a hectogram the vegetables, we deserve to find more than 80 grams).

Distinguished by antibacterial and antiviral properties, onion is a source of C vitamin, prodigious antioxidant. Amongst the various other allies against cost-free radicals, we discover vitamin A and also vitamin E.

When talking about the factors why the onion is great for her health, the is worth mentioning the existence of allicina, a molecule qualified of exhilaration by reduce cholesterol in the liver. No doubt around it: onion is a real concentrate of helpful properties! amongst these, the is also possible to cite the existence of B vitamins, i m sorry are important for maintaining efficient metabolism.

Rich in potassium and also for this reason helpful for enhancing blood press regularity and also protecting the heart, onions need to be taken after informing your doctor as they deserve to interfere with the efficacy the aspirin.

That said, we can see what happens to ours body when we eat too plenty of cooked onions.

What happens once you eat too plenty of cooked onions?

Eating too countless raw onions it’s dangerous? What happens to ours body? once you encompass onions in your diet, the is an excellent to middle the amounts taken. It doesn’t issue whether you are talking around cooked onions or raw onions.

As for the encourage amount every day, that is an excellent to point out that only one onion that’s good (we’re talking about a vegetable weighing about 100 grams). By spend one onion a day, you deserve to maximize the amazing benefits of this vegetable.

At this point, the is natural to ask why it is suitable to center the usage of cooked onions (but likewise raw ones). The factor is related to the truth that, in some cases, this vegetable it might not be an extremely easy to digest.

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In addition, excessive usage of onions can cause areophagy. That is important to remember the the entry of cooked and also raw onions have to be avoided in case of irritable bowel syndrome. It should not be forget that, overdoing onions, increases the risk of having bad breath problems.