It might appear as well great to be real, yet nourishment teacher Mark Haub showed you can have your cake as well as consume it also - by placing himself on a "Treat Cake Diet plan" as well as shedding 27 extra pounds in 2 months.

Haub, that shows at Kansas State College, laid out to confirm that reducing weight is basic: it"s everything about just how much you consume, not what you consume.

He evaluated the concept on himself, cutting his calorie consumption from 2600 calories each day to 1800, and also consuming dishes containing food commonly discovered in vending devices.

According to his food journal, in a typical day he would certainly consume Duncan Hines brownies, Person hosting Twinkies, Cool Cattle ranch Doritos chips, Little Debbie cakes and also Kellogg"s corn stands out.

Haub began the diet regimen on Aug. 25 as an experiment for his trainees, considering in at 210 extra pounds with an "obese" body mass index (BMI) of 28.8.


After 2 months of consuming the" junk food,"his weight went down to 174 extra pounds, and also his BMI is currently a healthy and balanced 24.9.

Remarkably, along with his weight management, his diet plan appears to have actually boosted his various other wellness statistics.

In the most recent outcomes uploaded to his Facebook web page on Nov. 5, Haub claims his "poor" cholesterol, or LDL, went down 30 factors from 153 to 123, while his "excellent" cholesterol, or HDL, rose from 37 to 46 factors. His triglyceride degree, an additional step of fat, went down 39 percent.

"That"s where the headscratching comes," Haub informed CNN. "What does that suggest? Does that mean I"m much healthier? Or does it indicate just how we specify health and wellness from a biology viewpoint, that we"re missing out on something?"

Haub states most of his dishes contained processed food. He did not consume alcohol much soft drink, consumed alcohol a healthy protein drink on a daily basis, and also took a multivitamin everyday.

He likewise consumed veggies, frequently a container of environment-friendly beans, to be an example to his children, CNN records. He didn"t do any type of unique workout program as component of the diet regimen, adhering to the modest task he was accustomed to prior to he started the experiment.


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Dietitian Dawn Jackson Blatner claims it"s not shocking Haub saw health and wellness advantages along with his weight reduction, although he was consuming greatly refined junk food.

"When you reduce weight, despite exactly how you"re doing it-- also if it"s with packaged foods, typically you will certainly see these pens boost when fat burning has actually enhanced," Blatner informed CNN. Nonetheless she alerted versus the suggestion that it would certainly be an excellent suggestion to stay with the strategy in the long-term. "There are points we can"t action ... Just how much does impact the danger for cancer cells? We can"t step just how diet regimen adjustments influence our wellness."

Though he has actually seen the outcomes on his very own body, also Haub isn"t suggesting that obese Americans go out and also attempt his strategy.

"I"m not tailored to state this is a good idea to do," he informed CNN. "I"m embeded the center. I presume that"s the irritating component. I can"t provide a concrete response. There"s insufficient info to do that."

He does, nevertheless, supply an alerting to dieters that assume they are consuming healthy and balanced foods however have actually battled to slim down.

"There appears to be a separate in between eating healthy and balanced and also being healthy and balanced," Haub claimed. "It might not coincide. I was consuming much healthier yet I wasn"t healthy and balanced. I was consuming excessive."