When it comes to chain restaurants, a many the menus look at shockingly similar. If they may all specialize in other different, you"ll notice that a lot of these huge chains have the very same (or an extremely similar) item on their menus. Sure, if you always like to eat the same foods day after day, that might not be so bad. However most of united state want range and novelty, particularly when us go out to eat — and also that"s why us love Red Robin oh-so-much. The fare might be rather standard, yet they placed a twisted on their food selection items that make them exciting. It"s just around perfect for when you desire to break complimentary from the program of cooking every evening.

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Of course, this place is known for that burgers, but it has actually a most other offerings together well, definition it"s the ideal location to take your household when you"re searching for something brand-new and interesting. But how do you recognize what you should order? We"ve taken that upon ourselves come rank several of the most famous items in ~ Red Robin therefore you deserve to decide what to get the following time you"re there. If this doesn"t cover the entire menu, it need to at least allude you in the ideal direction so you understand where to start. Take a look at these well-known Red Robin menu items, ranked worst come best.

First off, allow us simply say that we have nothing against veganism. It"s a an excellent move for the environment and also it have the right to be decidedly beneficial for your health as well. Yet just since you"re vegetable doesn"t median you need to order the vegetable burger native Red Robin. This thing is just downright sad and, frankly, you worthy better. There"s no factor you shouldn"t have a actual bun just due to the fact that you"re vegan, however this burger comes in a lettuce bun ... Therefore basically, it"s no bun in ~ all. Meanwhile, the old grain and quinoa patty tastes okay, yet it"s definitely not bursting v flavor.

This burger is topped with salsa that makes the totality meal watery and daunting to eat, and also the avocado slices on top could just on slide out and also plop onto her plate prior to you can even get castle in her mouth. Plus, the truth that this "burger" is offered with a side of steamed broccoli makes us wonder if Red Robin believes that vegans must have any fun at all.

You shouldn"t accept subpar, bland, and tasteless food just due to the fact that you"re vegan. Red Robin, do much better for our plant-based friends.

Red Robin is well-known for their burgers, yet that doesn"t median you can"t undertaking off and explore the other choices on the menu. One friend shouldn"t explore, though, is the Arctic cod Fish & Chips. Fish and also chips seems favor a dish that"s difficult to mess up, yet at Red Robin, you"re likely to be disappointed. The fried cod isn"t the mild, flaky fish us want, yet rather, there"s a great chance it"s going to come the end overcooked. While we wanted the breading to it is in nice and crispy, it just seemed greasy and also unpalatable.

The fries in ~ Red Robin are pretty good, which means that in ~ least half this meal isn"t bad. Yet when the star the the present tastes so lackluster, you more than likely won"t want to go back for more. If friend do finish up ordering this entree by accident, we recommend covering whatever with the tartar sauce. That stuff is incredible and also it"ll help cover up the less-than-delightful taste that the fish. (It doesn"t taste poor on the fries, either.)

We obtain it. Sometimes, restaurants need to come up v gimmicks to keep their customers coming back, however we think that Red Robin is uniquely put to focus on the quality of your food fairly than top top the shape. Apparently, though, castle still fall victim to this Instagrammable food traps. Start the towering onion rings. You might be reasoning that there needs to be something unique or notable about these onion rings, yet no. The just thing that sets these onion rings apart indigenous the typical ones is the fact that they are, in fact, stack in a tower.

We don"t median to indicate that the yes, really onion rings don"t taste good. They may be a tiny bland, however that"s usual for onion rings. It"s simply that there"s nothing particularly exciting around this dish. Even if you"re just searching for something that you can share on society media, this onion rings will come increase a bit short.

Sure, if you"re craving her standard, everyday onion rings, then walk ahead and also order these. However if you"re looking for something new and unique, just know the you might not gain what you"re expecting here.

We all understand that people have solid opinions about pineapple ~ above pizza ... But what around pineapple ~ above a burger? If you ask us, that"s taking things simply a little bit too far. However, Red Robin reportedly thinks it"s okay since they produced The Banzai. This monstrosity is a heat dream the a burger. Let"s begin with the patty: It"s glazed v a teriyaki sauce, which renders the meat in this food way, means too sweet to begin with. It"s got a stickiness to it the you simply don"t want when you"re desire a burger.

But it it s okay worse native there. In addition to cautious burger toppings like tomatoes, lettuce, and cheddar cheese, you"re additionally going to find a part of pineapple adorning this burger. That"s right: A totality slice the pineapple is just sitting in your burger, hiding, wait for you to bite into it and also recoil indigenous the tropical sweet of this big chunk the fruit.

In theory, salty and also sweet space two seasonings that pair up perfectly. But when the sweetness originates from pineapple and is bolstered by an too many sugary item of meat, we simply can"t acquire on board with it.

Are you in search of the many boring items on the entire Red Robin menu? Congratulations, you"ve discovered it! It"s the creamy artichoke and also spinach dip. This is an appetizer the you can obtain pretty lot anywhere, i beg your pardon is disappointing when it originates from a normally innovative quick casual restaurant choose Red Robin. The creamy artichoke and also spinach dip tastes choose it"s greatly made the spinach — there"s barely any artichoke flavor over there at all (which is probably what you yes, really want as soon as you order this dip).

The dip comes v seasoned tortilla chips, which actually are rather flavorful. Unfortunately, though, they"re almost better on their very own than they are with the dip. You"ll also get some carrot sticks on the side, but it nearly seems prefer they"re there an ext for decoration 보다 they are to eat.

This appetizer is about as boring as it gets. Considering there space so plenty of other remarkable starter alternatives at Red Robin, we don"t think this one deserves a height spot in ours ranking in ~ all.

Surprisingly, over there are fairly a few dessert options on the food selection at Red Robin. Several of them room amazing, others are simply okay, and some are a tiny bit disappointing. When the sundae definitely isn"t the worst item on the menu, we still don"t think you must order that if girlfriend have any kind of other selection when you walk to Red Robin. It"s basically just like any type of other sundae you could think of: Soft-serve ice cream cream is paired v Hershey"s coco sauce (and a the majority of it — most likely too lot unless you have a typical sweet tooth). You"ll uncover whipped cream, a cherry, and also rainbow sprinkles top top top. Those additions might make it look at prettier, however they don"t really do lot as much as taste goes.

Overall, us think that this dessert is as well sweet, greatly from the superfluous quantity of coco sauce added into the mix. But it"s also just not that creative. Girlfriend can obtain a dish prefer this pretty much anywhere, so us don"t think you must waste your time or money as soon as there are an ext interesting options on the table.

Can you tell that we"re not precisely fans the "lettuce buns"? Look, we understand that some civilization can"t have gluten and others may be searching for ways to reduce their carbohydrate intake, for this reason that"s why us didn"t rank The Wedgie Burger even lower on ours list. However you can"t deny the there"s other depressing around seeing her burger come the end on what"s basically simply a salad. In fact, a salad is more than likely preferable. However if you"re figured out to acquire a burger there is no the bun, this could be your best option.

Apart native the fact that this sandwich is bunless, the ingredients within aren"t the bad. In between the two huge hunks the lettuce, you"ll discover a citizens patty, guacamole, tomatoes, and also red onion. Plus, there"s bacon within to give you even more flavor. Those are remarkable burger toppings, therefore it renders sense that they go well together.

If you"re trying to find a keto option, we don"t blame you for picking The Wedgie Burger. However if you don"t have any dietary restrictions and also want to gain the ideal meal native Red Robin possible, this sandwich have to be a no-go.

If friend aren"t a continual at Red Robin, you might not also realize the the chain selling pizzas. However, castle do, and also if you go into one of your restaurants and don"t feel favor ordering a burger (or simply want to get something the you have the right to share v the whole family), a pizza could seem like among your best options. Us think that most of the pizzas below are so-so, though. They"re more than likely not walking to blow you away, yet they"re not terrible, either. However one the the ones the we favor the least is the major Meat Pizza.

Some human being like a pizza that"s yes, really packed through meat, yet we think that this one goes a tiny bit over the optimal with the concept. The pizza is certain packed v sausage, pepperoni, ham, and also bacon. If you"ll probably be acquiring your money"s worth, you"ll likewise be getting much more meat 보다 most civilization want come eat in one sitting. All those intense flavors have nothing to balance castle out, given that there"s no a piece of veggies in sight. This pizza could be good, but you most likely won"t desire to enjoy more than a part or two.

There room times when you go out to eat the a burger will simply seem also heavy. A hearty, meat-forward sandwich might be an excellent on some days, yet when it"s warm out or you just don"t have a super active appetite, other a little lighter could be in order. That"s wherein the California chicken sandwich come in. When you want a sandwich that"s ~ above the lighter side, this sandwich is a heavy choice. It might not it is in as healthy and balanced as a salad, sure, however it"s not likely to provide you that heavy feeling you obtain after you eat a huge burger.

This sandwich boasts a grilled chicken patty, a bunch the veggies, and guac. There"s even some Provolone cheese because that those who require some creaminess in your meals. We think the all the veggies ~ above this sandwich do it fresh and also delicious, yet the chicken itself might use part work. The grilled patty just doesn"t have much to it, and it"s not that flavorful. Overall, it"s basically a great choice, but it"s absolutely not among our favourite on the menu.

If you"re in search of a chicken option that"s slightly more appealing, you might want to think about the Whiskey river BBQ chicken sandwich. This sandwich is comparable to the California chicken, however it has actually the very important enhancement of Whiskey river BBQ sauce. This isn"t your typical BBQ sauce. It has actually a depth that flavor that really take away it come the following level. Rather of simply being sweet and also sticky, it has a touch the umami the brings out more complex flavors in whatever it touches. We think the this sauce pairs especially well v the cheddar cheese that you"ll discover in this sandwich. And when you add in the crispy onion straws, that gets even better.

However, this chicken has the same problem as the grilled chicken we stated before: There"s just not lot to it. It"s not specifically interesting, and also it might be juicier. Plus, there"s simply not that lot chicken there, given that many of the room is taken increase by the veggies.

We indicate trying this sandwich only if you really love an excellent BBQ sauce. Otherwise, there are better sandwiches top top the menu to pick from.

Just because you discover yourself at a burger joint doesn"t necessarily mean that you want to litter your whole diet the end the window. That"s why you"ll love the Red Robin has some salad options available. These might not be the most incredible salads you"ve ever had, but overall, they"re solid, and it"s a an excellent way to gain some greens into your diet, even when the remainder of your family is chowing under on greasy burgers. If you"re looking for a enjoy the meal you can feel pretty good about health-wise, you can always turn come the Southwest salad.

When friend order this salad, girlfriend should recognize that you"re going to acquire plenty the veggies. The blended greens space topped v avocado, beans, jalapeños, tortilla chips, and also a selection of other veggies. The ancho grilled chicken is rather flavorful and also gives friend the protein you require in a an excellent meal. While the salsa-ranch dressing doesn"t really perform anything for the salad, you can constantly go irradiate on the if you"re not a fan.

This may not be a groundbreaking salad, but it"s no a negative option if you"re searching for a method to load in those veggies.

You recognize the major Meat pizza we reviewed above? the one had a ton that meat, and also we complained around it. But the Founder"s Favorite additionally has a many meat, for this reason you might be wondering why it"s ranked greater on ours list offered our earlier gripe. Well, it all comes under to the banana peppers. This pizza comes fully loaded with pepperoni, shave ham, and sausage, as with the major Meat pizza. Yet when you add in the lovely, light tang of the banana peppers, the takes the whole meal come a new level.

Banana peppers can be quite acidic, which way that they cut through the meaty greasiness of the meat an extremely well. This creates a balance that makes this pizza a lot an ext enjoyable come eat 보다 one that"s invited down with meat only. Of course, Red Robin doesn"t specialize in pizza, so you shouldn"t assume that you"re obtaining the finest pie in town as soon as you order this one. However, if you carry out decide to gain it, we don"t think you"re walk to be disappointed.

Sometimes, food mashups are kind of cringy. Simply think that the naked Chicken Chalupa indigenous Taco Bell, which is not exactly something the comes across as delicious best from the get-go. But a much more subtle food mashup deserve to be more interesting, and also that"s whereby the BLTA Croissant native Red Robin comes right into play. This sandwich is based on your usual BLT (bacon, lettuce, and also tomato), but it"s likewise loaded down through plenty of that millennial favorite: avocado. Plus, there"s some turkey breast included in there because that a bit more protein. The other twist? instead of eating her BLTA on regular sandwich bread, it"ll come out on a croissant.

We"ll be ethical here. With the additions of the turkey breast and also the avocado, this type of just feels favor an typical club sandwich. We need to admit, though, that placing it ~ above a croissant is genius. If it functions for chicken salad, for this reason why not for a take it on a BLT?

This isn"t the finest sandwich top top the menu, but the idea is creative, and also it"s a light option from Red Robin because that the times when you don"t desire a massive burger.

Here comes the Whiskey river BBQ sauce again. However this time, you"ll uncover it in a burger. The southerly Charm burger is something special, and also it"s more than likely unlike many burgers you"ve make the efforts in her life. Apart from the BBQ sauce, in this burger, you"ll find cheddar cheese, candied bacon, caramelized onion, lettuce, and also mayo. It all comes on a pillowy soft brioche bun. If friend really favor deep umami flavors, this may simply be the right burger because that you.

The just problem, in our book, is the brown sugar glaze top top the citizens itself. Us don"t dislike the idea of sweet in a burger, however when friend pair the brown sugar glaze with the candied bacon together well, that starts to taste nearly too sweet. The other rich spices tone the sweetness under a lot, but perhaps not enough.

There are number of burgers ~ above the menu that are better than this one, however we have to admit that this is a creative combination of flavors.

If girlfriend aren"t in search of a burger yet you still want something that"s an ext on the indulgent side, carry out we have actually something for you. It"s the Clucks and Fries. This entree can have a cutesy name, however they"re basically just chicken tenders. Chicken tenders are possibly the many boring of all restaurant meals, but we have to admit: the ones at Red Robin room pretty good. The chicken chin is nice and juicy, through none of that dried-out stuff you can expect from part chains. Many importantly, though, is the truth that the breading is nice and also crispy through plenty that seasoning. The result is a chicken food that even the adults will certainly like.

While this are several of the best chicken tenders around, you need to still store in mind the chicken tenders are, in large part, a pretty boring option. You"ve had actually them countless times, so even the finest of the ideal can get old fast. Us wouldn"t bespeak this entree every time, however every as soon as in a while, they can be a pretty treat.

When you want what could be the many random mix of burger ingredients in the entire world, you need to order The Madlove Burger. This burger is seriously off the rails, and we want to inspect with whoever come up with the idea because that it to make certain they"re law okay. Simply wait till you obtain a fill of the ingredient in this one: red onions, lettuce, avocado, jalapeño relish, candied bacon, Provolone, Swiss, cheddar and also Parmesan crisp, and citrus-marinated tomatoes. It all sits atop a brioche bun that holds that all together perfectly.

This can sound prefer an extremely strange combo, but we"re happy come report that it actually tastes amazing. The cheddar and also Parmesan fresh is definitely the star of the present (where else have actually you watched this kind of ingredient top top a burger), however the citrus-marinated tomatoes obtain an honorable mention as well. Sure, this one can not be because that every burger lover the end there, however if you"re no afraid to shot something totally different, climate you have to order this citizens on your next trip to Red Robin.

There"s something about a nice, standard fried chicken sandwich that it"s tough not to love, so friend shouldn"t be surprised the the crispy chicken sandwich you"ll uncover at Red Robin is delicious. You recognize the "clucks" (or chicken tenders) that us raved around before? Well, the chicken patty in this sandwich has actually the exact same thing going on. Intend it"s juicy, mouthwatering chicken dressed in a class of crunchy, flavorful breading. Yet it it s okay even far better when you include a bunch of fresh toppings on top. This sandwich is classic. It functions red onions, lettuce, pickles, tomato, and also mayo. Is the simple? Yes. However when it"s do with great ingredients and also a little extra care, the comes out tasting way much better than noþeles you would pick increase at an additional fast food joint.

While anyone might fall in love v this sandwich, us think it"s a particularly good option because that those who might be a little pickier when it pertains to what castle like. When this sandwich is yes, really tasty, the doesn"t offer anything as well unexpected.

You don"t always have come order something end the height to obtain an remarkable meal. If you prefer the classics yet aren"t looking for a fried chicken sandwich, Red Robin still has actually you covered. For those who wrinkle your brow in confusion when they look at something choose The Madlove, the Red Robin Gourmet Cheeseburger is a wonderful choice — and also we need to say, it"s one of the finest items top top the menu. This sandwich contains all of your favorite standard burger ingredients, but it"s made v a tiny extra assumed in mind.

On peak of the very juicy and also satiating beef patty, you"ll uncover lettuce, tomatoes, red onion slices, pickle relish, and mayo. You likewise get to choose the type of cheese friend want. Yes, it absolutely sounds simple, and also if you"re going come Red Robin specifically since you desire to try something interesting, this may not be what friend want. However for those who just want to try the ideal that this citizens joint needs to offer as soon as it concerns the traditional burger ingredients, this gourmet cheeseburger must be in ~ the peak of the list.

When you want the finest dessert items on the menu at Red Robin, what carry out you order? Well, if you like totally over-the-top desserts, then the mountain High Mudd Pie may be appropriate up your alley. That starts out with both chocolate and vanilla ice cream (no, friend don"t have to choose one or the other). Climate it gets even wilder through the addition of layered Oreo cookies. Currently sounds delicious, right? Don"t forget the fudge, caramel, and whipped cream to peak it every off, though.

Does this sound prefer a the majority of food? Yes. Is it exceptionally rich? Absolutely. And also what"s why we imply that you break-up this dessert if you"re adventurous enough to shot it out. But if girlfriend are gaining dessert there, this is the one we suggest you try. It"s something various than whatever else you"ll discover on the dessert menu, and you deserve to indulge in this novelty.

If Red Robin is known for one thing, it"s the truth that it serves burgers through eggs on top. While this may be rather commonplace now, Red Robin has been doing that for rather a while, so we will defer to them as the specialists on burgess eggs. If you"re in search of the standard egg-on-a-burger experience, then the royal Red Robin Burger should be your go-to order. This hefty sandwich isn"t anything out of the ordinary, however it is exceptionally delicious. It"s topped v American cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and mayo, but the best part is definitely the bacon and also egg. If you can ever count a burger together breakfast food, this one would fit the bill.

This burgess is a great way to shot something brand-new at Red Robin without having actually to order something that"s really the end there. And also when the yolk breaks and covers your burger in the delicious runny yellow sauce, you"re walking to understand that you made the appropriate decision when you put your order.

Who would"ve figured that an appetizer would certainly snag the number 2 spot on our ranking? but when you try the Bar wing "n" Yukon Chips, it"s going to be fully clear how this dish ranked therefore high. Basically, it"s two appetizers in one. Very first of all, you gain a bed the Yukon chips. This chips space thicker and also crunchier than what you might be supplied to, therefore they"re even far better than you might be expecting. They"re then spanned in bone-in chicken wings, which us are likewise delicious.

It"s the pairing that renders this appetizer such a treat, though. Once the sauce the your selection (Buzz v bleu cheese, Whiskey flow BBQ, Banzai, or Island Heat) mixes through the chips below, you gain a flavorful, carb-rich experience unlike any type of other. However we do have actually a warning because that you: If you order these because that the table, they"re walking to go fast. Just be certain you"re all set to gobble under some wings and also chips so friend get much more than a few bites.

Now, right here comes our favorite food selection item in this entire list: the Bacon Jammin" Burger. This may simply be among the most popular burgers in ~ the restaurant, and it"s not difficult to check out why. First, the starts off v what friend would suppose from any kind of burger, specific a beef patty attach by lettuce, tomato, and also onion, and also a slice of cheese. Yet after that, things get much more interesting. The hardwood-smoked bacon and also the bacon aioli offer this burger way more depth of flavor, i beg your pardon is right if your taste has tendency to skew in the direction of fatty and salty flavors.

The absolute star of the present on this burger, though, is the bacon jam. It"s both supervisor savory and also super sweet, which offers the perfect balance of seasonings to top a burger. While various other Red Robin burgers play v this sweet odor profile, us think the Bacon Jammin" burger does it the best. It"s simply sweet enough, however not for this reason sweet the it"s overwhelming.

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You"re no going to uncover bacon jam ~ above every burger, for this reason it"s absolutely something you have to order once you"re at Red Robin at the very least once. After all, friend don"t desire to miss out on out ~ above the best of the ideal the chain needs to offer.