On a warm summer day, you journey to the closestly Jack in the box in the area, walk into the all-too-familiar air-conditioned quick food chain, and also wait in the heat to order. You"re bored, so you start studying the menu. Looking in ~ its calorie contents - 720 with nearly a fifty percent of that from fat - all of a suddenly you are not therefore sure about the BBQ bacon cheeseburger the you originally planned come order. Now pause there because that a second, since we are about to give you 4 healthy and balanced Jack in package orders the rival the bacon cheeseburgers. 

1. Stick with Jr.

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Caroline Liu

If you room in a burger-kind-of-mood, then perhaps you would want to go v Jr. Jumbo Jack instead. V a smaller serving size and the remove of bacon, Jr. Jumbo Jack cut the calorie content down to 420, through a significantly less amount - 150 calories - indigenous fat. The beef patty is topped through tomato, lettuce, onions, and pickle, leaving girlfriend satiated with no factor for guilt.

2. Chicken Teriyaki - Really?!

Helena Lin

Chicken, carrots, and broccoli, fried v teriyaki sauce, are served over steam rice. If you are a feverish fan of whatever teriyaki as with me, this an option will not go wrong. Moreover, this bowl of awesomeness only consists of 50 calories from fat and 1 gram of saturation fat, while providing you v 27 grams of protein. There, just imagine...

3. Lettuce Party

No matter where friend go, salad is constantly a safe selection if you desire to be healthy. In fact, there space a couple of salad options at Jack in the Box consisting of chicken club salad, southwest chicken salad, and grilled chicken salad, with slight variations in content. Chicken breast is recognized to have actually a high protein content, if vegetables space rich in vitamins and fiber. If you desire to endeavor a action further, just order grilled rather of crispy chicken, and substitute short fat balsamic vinaigrette for ranch dressing.

4. Chicken Fajita Pita

Isabel Guarnieri

No way, this is too great to it is in healthy! If this is your first reaction, climate you"ll it is in surprised. In fact, simply the pita bread chin is packed v 16 grams of totality grain. What"s inside? Grilled chicken, cheddar cheese, lettuce, onions, and also tomatoes. An entire serving consists of only 340 calories, however as many as 23 grams the protein. Trust me, girlfriend will want to shot this.

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Now the we"ve presented the 4 healthy Jack in the box orders, have you figured out what come eat yet? did you say it"s brunch time and also you desire something light? fine anyway, take part time if you need to, but spare the bacon cheeseburger, because these options are just as an excellent - if not better.