One of my husband and also my favorite eating the end spots is Buffalo Wild wings aka BWW aka B-dubs! We like to chill there and also watch football, especially since we space too cheap for cable, so it’s just how we view all the good games! Eating healthy at Buffalo Wild wing is challenging.

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Perhaps one of the most complicated spots since well, that a sports bar. And also they’re not precisely known because that the healthiest options.


But no an obstacle is to great to assist you, mine dear readers, (and kindness myself—that place is constantly a death trap for my diet!).

Disclaimer: I recognize that fast food also “upscale” fast food is what the is—lots of sodium, handle food, probably GMOs, animals raised in manufacturing facility farms—my suggest is no to laud fast food together the healthiest choice, yet to aid you find some the the healthiest rapid food alternatives out there.


Buffalo Wild wings Pros

They have an allergen list digital which is good for civilization with food sensitivities and also allergies.They have beautiful food image online!You have the right to watch your favorite sports teams top top a bunch of t.v.s while you eat!The environment is relaxed and also fun. Nobody there is taking things too seriously—well, besides the games!


Buffalo Wild wing Cons

There aren’t numerous healthy options. In ~ all. I know their target demography is probably not the “health nut” crowd, however I think american are generally getting an ext informed about their health and BWW seems woefully behind.


Eating healthy at Buffalo Wild Wings


Naked Tenders room 260 calories; the total fat is 6 grams. Serious good, nutritional info!Boneless wings snack size level are 500 calories, include Buffalo, Chipotle BBQ or Lemon Pepper sauce for only an additional 10 calories.Regular wing snack size selection from 330 (plain) come 460 (Thai Curry). Not too shabby.

It’s a an excellent idea to skip the dip or go very light top top it. Blue cheese emboldened is 280 calories for a serving and also Ranch (Southwest or regular) is 320 calories a serving.

Nosh on celery sticks! they normally lug you a large plate and don’t be afraid to questioning for more to munch on! there are additionally two next salads easily accessible that will assist you to fill up and also get in some healthy and balanced vegetables.

Healthy eat at Buffalo Wild Wings have the right to be done! friend just have to be intentional.

Classic healthy Choices

You can’t walk wrong through these choices, however they don’t really scream “B-dubs!” come me.

Garden Chicken Salad with grilled chicken because that 450 calories. Their Chicken Caesar salad is also a not a bad choice in ~ 600 calories. Irradiate ranch and also light balsamic are easily accessible for dressings.Classic chicken wrap through grilled chicken is 600 calories–not awesome, yet not bad considering the is a relatively healthy selection and has actually extra veggies.BBQ Chicken Sandwich for 610 calories. This sandwich even has cheese and also bacon ~ above it! Yes, please! Whenever ns not certain what is a an excellent restaurant an option you deserve to hardly go wrong through a plain, grilled chicken sandwich.

Definitely prevent at Buffalo Wild Wings

Ribs. They’re simply plain not great for you. Something paired v ribs, is standard to avoid—ribs and wings, ribs and chicken, ribs and an ext ribs—all weigh in with over 1500 calories.Big Jack daddy Burger—Oh my! This burger weighs in at end 1000 calories and also is topped with pulled pork and onion rings! It’s completely crazy.There is a the majority of “green-washing” keep going in the salads. The Buffalo Chicken, honey BBQ chicken, and also Santa Fe salad all have over 1000 calories! *insert panting emoji!*Excessive quantities of anything. ns think one of the dangers of BWW is the you have the right to down 10 wings, 2 mozzarella sticks, part queso and also dip, and also a few beers and not also realize it end the course of a game!


Healthy Starter Ideas

Anything with the word “queso” is going to be unhealthy. Eat your queso on her birthday or as soon as you acquire a promo at work. An order of Chili Cheese emboldened is 920 without the chips. Wowza!

Swap it rather for Chips and also salsa, the will just run you 250 calories. Ns love chips and salsa!!

Lighter Drink Options

Here room some good choices because that lighter drinks.

Diet coke and also rum. (My personal drink of choice for BWW)Vodka cranberrySkinny margarita (Second favourite drink)Light beer—not a beer person so I’m no going to do a personal recommendation for a type. Ask your beer connoisseur friends—everyone has one or 2 of those, right?

Bottom line: There space some healthier alternatives at Buffalo Wild Wings, yet not many. 


Get my Healthy Restaurant Cheat Sheets v the peak healthy options at all my favorite fast food and also casual dining places!!

So over there you have actually my healthy and balanced eating at Buffalo Wild wing tips! following time ns go to BWW I will be ordering a snack load of boneless wings with chipotle BBQ sauce, a caesar side salad, numerous celery, and also a diet coke.

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This is a clever meal that is very “sports bar” and “Buffalo Wild Wings” to me, but still a reasonably healthy option.

Do friend have any tips for healthy and balanced eating in ~ Buffalo Wild wings or at a sporting activities bar in general? I’d love come hear castle in the comments!

Don’t forget to pen this write-up so you have the right to reference it as soon as you eat out! 


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