Keep Turkey Day anxiety at bay with flavorful political parties that actually taste better when they"re prepared a job or much more in advance.

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picture By: Adrian Mueller ©2012, Adrian Mueller /, cooking Channel, LLC. All legal rights Reserved.

photograph By: Adrian Mueller ©2012, Adrian Mueller /, cooking Channel, LLC. All legal rights Reserved.

This fruity Thanksgiving sidekick have the right to be consisted of to 10 days ahead of time. The flavors of bourbon and also fall spices emerge as the cooking recipes chills in the fridge.

Kelsey"s no-fuss potato are just mashed with half-and-half and also sour cream for subtle tang. Chopped chives med the spuds through mellow onion flavor, intensifying as they sit in the fridge.

A dependable make-ahead side, this food holds increase well because that an hour when kept at room temperature until prepared to serve, making room on her stovetop for various other dishes.

The basic of this dressing is a moist cornbread that"s rich v bacon grease and buttermilk. Because that well-developed flavors, let the creamy parsley-flecked custard soak into the cornbread overnight prior to baking.

This sweet rendition of twice-stuffed potatoes is every decked out in holiday spices with nutty brown butter and warm spices.

Somewhere between side dish and dessert, this easy casserole is layered with thick rounds of sweet potatoes, yams and Red delicious apples that soak increase a citrus-spiked cinnamon and also honey glaze.

Giada"s corn muffins are moist and also delicious, thanks to buttermilk and sour cream, and also they have actually satisfyingly chunky texture in every bite from entirety corn kernels.

Prepping this stuffing front of time permits the sweet dried cherries and apples extra time come mingle through the earthy flavors of fresh sage and thyme.

Braised greens are about as southern as the gets, and these deserve to be do a entirety day in breakthrough to deepen the flavors. Feel totally free to use any mix the greens you can gain your hands on.

Sweet creamed corn forms a richer base because that Alton"s skillet cornbread, the best side dish because that sopping increase extra gravy.

Kelsey"s Thanksgiving-inspired spin on ambrosia salad is the can be fried make-ahead side. Mixed cranberries color the sweet mixture of pineapple, marshmallows and also whipped cream, offering the salad vibrant shade as the chills. Peak with pomegranate arils for a last tangy punch.

Bobby Flay resources five different cheeses for this hybrid pasta dish, including the Parmigiano-Reggiano that traditionally accompanies carbonara. By mediate the gooey richness of small mac and cheese through savory cubes that pancetta, the finest of 2 comfort foods items is combined.

The spiced sweet potato filling for this casserole have the right to be assembled the job before and kept in the fridge until there"s room in the oven. Top it v a crunchy brown street streusel because that a sweet side dish that"ll quickly become a family members favorite.

The enhancement of rice come the mix gives the soup its silky-smooth texture. This deserve to be consisted of to 2 weeks ahead and also frozen.

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Tender, thin environment-friendly beans tossed v rosemary and also lemon-infused olive oil room the perfect enhance to her roasted Turkey and mashed potatoes.