1 Baby - Justin Bieber
3 Party In the U.S.A. - Miley Cyrus

"Party in the CIA" by "weird Al" Yankovic. People could do a lot more parodies of this.

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PERFECT! ns actually simply made one! It"s a classic song which makes it basic to make a parody of even though it was a tiny bit of a difficulty ;) You have to really try this!

This song is one that we are doing a parody come in science. Many thanks for the suggestion!

This track would be fun to make a parody of.

4 Plug to walk - rich the Kid

5 Boyfriend - Justin Bieber

Love my boyfriend

6 Tik Tok - Ke$ha

So simple to. Just say something random and also put it in a song like this... When I remained in grade 6 castle made united state make a song out the our necessary agreement and also I offered this. Currently my old course knows I"m a destructive singer.

Great sing to create your very own lyrics to!

Love this song

Like tik talk

7 Telephone - Lady Gaga

Love this song

8 Bad romance - Lady Gaga

Love this song

It"s a good song

9 Hello - Adele

I have to make a parody of a tune for my science class. I uncover this song an extremely easy to occupational with. I"m do a song about ribosomes in a cell. I"m detect it exceptionally easy so far!

It"s really good if you desire to do a sad parody. I tried and also it"s a really catchy song too! i hope you guys agree.

Yeah that is. Ns made some parodies already.

Better than Pocahontas 100 to1.

10 Fireflies - Owl City

Fireflies has always been an emotional tune to me, that reminds me that the innocence of being a child and also going the end late at night and catching small fireflies, running home and yelling, "I obtained lightning bugs! " This song would be beautiful come copy... So countless memories.

Yes, this tune brings ago so many great memories and also so countless sad ones indigenous anyone"s previous regardless of who they are.

It would certainly be a good song to do a systematic parody too. It has a good beat so it might be easy to comprise words.

I candid love this song. That is an extremely easy to sing and also it has straightforward beat to copy.

11 Sweatshirt - Jacob Sartorius

This is the most disrespectful song toward our entire culture as a whole and I hope you end your music job this instant because I have never heard together a disastrous piece the trash in my entire life. Even my grandpa that is deaf no this song. In conclusion, you need to delete your entire life and also start over in the street gutter that a Puerto Rican Slum.

I love this song and I would have actually no trouble using this song. Together a matter of fact, ns am for school. SO, I have to re-write it through my vocabulary words

This track is absolutely terrible. His parents need to take away his microphone.

I don"t see why anyone is hating on him. He"s simply a kid. Leave him alone.

13 Love the means You lie - Eminem

I LOVE this song I will certainly sing it all day.

I"m law this one now

Slim Shady"s mine jam.

How is this number #10?

14 Radioactive - Imagine Dragons

We have actually grandparents day in ~ my school and we have to make a parody that has to do through grandparents. We might likewise do count on Me- Bruno Mars.

Very quite melody!

Such a great song

15 Closer - The Chainsmokers

I actually made a parody of it, i beg your pardon ishey, i was doing just fine till I met you i sleep as well much and also that"s an issue however I"m ok...hey, ns told her friends the it to be nice to satisfy them, however I hope one of them goes to hell... I understand it fixed your heart, relocated to the city in a limousine, and, 2 months no call, and now you"re looking pretty in the institution canteen, yet I, a I,a I, can"t stop, no I, a I, ai, can"t stop... So infant pull me closer in the backseat of her limousine that I know you certainly can afford, bite the tattoo on your should pull the sheets right off the corner from the mattress the you bought, from the store called IKEA, us ain"t ever getting older, yes us ain"t ever before getting older.

This would certainly be hard, especially since I to be assigned to make an English 1 parody that this song.

It made America an excellent again.

It would be perfect!

16 Uptown Funk - mark Ronson

I supplied this tune to do a parody because that Romeo and also Juliet plot 5 in my English class for high school. This track made it very easy and quick for the song. I finished up getting an A

I made a parody of this song in 4th grade. Several words repeated, rhythm repeated, overall, easy to produce a parody the end of.

Easy come make and fun come watch people smile while listening.

This would be remarkable to do a parody of!

17 Friday - Rebecca Black

There space a whole bunch the parodies that Friday in YouTube. Only couple of of them room good, the other ones space trashy.

I love this song

18 Call Me maybe - Carly Rae Jepsen

Really straightforward to make parody of. Was a lot of fun too.

Fun. Friends do a funny squirrel parody of

I think this track is a wonderful song.

Good song. Simple to do

21 Demons - Imagine Dragons

It is slow and also easy. The is mine favourite tune from Imagine Dragons and also I think the it can work really well if you try hard enough.

Great Idea. Love the track too.

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" Deep meaning."

22 Dynamite - Taio Cruz
23 The Batman Theme

24 Dangerous woman - Ariana Grande
25 Hey over there Delilah - plain White T"s

Super straightforward to make a parody, like change Delilah come donut.