The ideal list that NFL trivia questions and answers.

Want come play trivia? How around NFL trivia? These space the ideal questions and also answers to aid you play with friends, family, or other NFL fans. Get your girlfriend together, order part pizza or wings, and also start play this fun game.

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NFL Trivia Questions and Answers

Trivia Question: What is the highest-scoring game in NFL history?

Answer: The Washington Redskins had actually a 72 suggest game in 1966.

Trivia Question: How many Super Bowls have the environment-friendly Bay Packers won?

Answer: 4.

Trivia Question: How countless times have the Dallas Cowboys been to the super Bowl?

Answer: 5.

Trivia Question: which NFL team has actually the greatest salary cap?

Answer: The Tennessee Titans.

Trivia Question: What space the 2 NFL conferences that make up the NFL?

Answer: The American football Conference (AFC) and also National football Conference (NFC).

Trivia Question: What is the only NFL team to finish a perfect season?

Answer: Miami Dolphins.

Trivia Question: who won the Super bowl in 2010?

Answer: The brand-new Orleans Saints.

Trivia Question: What to be the brand-new York Jets" initial name?

Answer: The brand-new York Titans.

Trivia Question: who is the head coach of the Chicago bear in 2021?

Answer: Matt Nagy.

Trivia Question: that was the very first player to be drafted in the NFL draft in 1936?

Answer: Jay Berwanger.

Trivia Question: What month is the NFL draft?

Answer: April/May.

Trivia Question: How many Super Bowls has actually the Kansas City Chiefs won?

Answer: 2.

Trivia Question: Super bowl XXX is what number super Bowl?

Answer: 30.

Trivia Question: What was the first year the the Miami Dolphins won a super Bowl?

Answer: 1973.

Trivia Question: that made a Super bowl appearance and also half-time display during the 2021 at sight Bowl?

Answer: The Weeknd.

Trivia Question: i m sorry team hold the document for making the many Super key appearances?

Answer: The brand-new England Patriots.

Trivia Question: What team is stood for by Philadelphia?

Answer: The Philadelphia Eagles.

Trivia Question: What many recent year did the new Orleans Saints victory the supervisor Bowl?

Answer: 2010.

Trivia Question: How many points is a touchdown worth?

Answer: 6-points.

Trivia Question: Robert Griffin III is finest known because that doing what in 2012?

Answer: Holding a passer rating of 102.4.

Trivia Question: that is the head coach that the Denver Broncos in 2021?

Answer: Vic Fangio.

Trivia Question: Joe Montana stop how many career points?

Answer: 3,409 completions.

Trivia Question: What Motown singer tried out for the Detroit Lions in 1970? Hint: lock tried out through hall of call tight-end Charlie Sanders.

Answer: Marvin Gaye.

Trivia Question: How many rushing yards has Adrian Peterson do in his career?

Answer: 14,820.

Trivia Question: Jerry Rice holds what document in his career?

Answer: Number that receptions, hold 1,549.

Trivia Question: What team has a totally undefeated season, consisting of postseason and also Super Bowl?

Answer: The Miami Dolphins.

Trivia Question: What team won 3 Super Bowls in the 1990s?

Answer: Dallas Cowboys or new England Patriots.

Trivia Question: once was the very first Super Bowl ever before played?

Answer: In 1967.

Trivia Question: The Los Angeles Rams freshly relocated come Los Angeles indigenous what city?

Answer: San Diego.

Trivia Question: The NFL started in what year?

Answer: 1920.

Trivia Question: What walk "NFL" was standing for?

Answer: The national Football League.

Trivia Question: How countless teams are right now in the NFL?

Answer: 32.

Trivia Question: How many games room played in a continuous NFL season?

Answer: 17 games.

Trivia Question: Jay Cutler is what quarterback come which NFL team?

Answer: The Chicago Bears.

Trivia Question: bill Belichick is a coach of what NFL team?

Answer: The brand-new England Patriots.

Trivia Question: Dan Marino was an all-star quarterback the what NFL team?

Answer: The Miami Dolphins.

Trivia Question: i m sorry team made their an initial Super bowl appearance ever in 2004?

Answer: The Panthers.

Trivia Question: True or false, the Dayton triangle was once an NFL team.

Answer: True.

Trivia Question: What player has actually the most Pro key selections at the period of 14?

Answer: Peyton Manning.

Trivia Question: that is the highest-paid player in the NFL as of 2021?

Answer: Patrick Mahomes.

Trivia Question: that is the quarterback with the many Super key championships?

Answer: Tom Brady.

Trivia Question: who is the earliest quarterback come play in the NFL together of 2021?

Answer: Tom Brady in ~ 43 year old.

Trivia Question: who is the heaviest player to play in the NFL in 2021?

Answer: Aaron Gibson in ~ 410 pounds.

Trivia Question: Which large receiver is the highest possible scoring in NFL history?

Answer: Flipper Anderson.

Trivia Question: brand-new York has two NFL teams. Castle are called what?

Answer: The new York Giants and brand-new York Jets.

Trivia Question: How numerous players room on the field for each team in one NFL game?

Answer: 11 players.

Trivia Question: How countless kickers does an NFL team typically have?

Answer: 53 players.

Trivia Question: What is the longest kick ever made by one NFL kicker?

Answer: 64-yard ar goal.

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Trivia Question: What is the shortest kick ever before missed by an NFL kicker?

Answer: A 6-yard ar goal to be missed by Don Cockroft.

Trivia Question: that was the longest-running quarterback because that the environment-friendly Bay Packers?