Chicken pot pie make in a 9-inch actors iron skillet. Filled v shredded chicken, peas, carrots, corn, and creamy gravy and wrapped in a flakey golden pie crust.

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October 19, 2020



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Classic chicken pot pie make in a 9 inch cast iron skillet. This recipe is among my absolute favs. It’s so savory, filling, creamy, and also delicious. Chicken pot pie is the ultimate autumn comfort food. Filled through shredded chicken, peas, carrots, corn, and creamy gravy and also wrapped in a flakey gold pie crust.

How to do Chicken Pot Pie

The chicken pot pie pour it until it is full is actually consisted of of 3 separation, personal, instance layers—chicken, vegetables, and also then the creamy chicken gravy ~ above top. The end result is magically a homogenous mix the savory flavors.


The cheat is in the bottom great of chicken help the late to cook without being as well soggy indigenous the creamy filling. If friend mixed everything together you’d have a tiny too much moisture. To add the actors iron skillet retains warm well and also makes for even food preparation of the crust.

Can i Make This in a standard Pie Dish?

Absolutely yes. I provided a 9-inch skillet, i beg your pardon is very similar to a 9-inch pie dish. Occasionally it can be trickier make pies in a skillet due to the fact that the edges room a tiny steeper and sometimes deeper.

I make up for this by make the peak crust a tiny larger and fold the edges straight it under before crimping. This will typically fuse v the bottom tardy as lengthy as the bottom late is around level with the edge of the skillet or just below it. Rolling the edge will likewise give you part extra dough to occupational with and also make the tardy a small larger and puffier.

Frozen Versus fresh Veggies

For this recipe, I provided a combo of fresh carrots, frozen peas, and also canned corn. Nevertheless of what friend use, ns would constantly boil the vegetables through the chicken to tenderize and or defrost. This ensures every little thing is nice and also tender before it’s baked in the pie.

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Shredded Vs Cubed Chicken

I like shredded chicken in chicken pot pie. It’s much more tender and makes for a better overall texture. To add it really doesn’t take any type of extra work due to the fact that you can boil the chicken breast in addition to all the veggies together in a dutch stove or spanned pot. This action is crucial to ensure her peas, carrots, and corn room all super tender and fully cooked in the pie.

If you do opt for chopped/diced chicken, simply make sure you reduced the chicken into little enough chunks.

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Author: Shawn Williams prepare Time: 25 cook Time: 30 complete Time: 55 minutes Yield: 6 1x Category: Dinner Cuisine: American