2022 Easter Egg Roll

President Biden in April 2021: "We look forward to following year once the White home will ring through the pleasure of the season as soon as again and there will certainly be one Easter Egg Roll, God willing"There has been no official announcement yet regarding the condition of the White residence Easter Egg role in 2022. Details will be posted here when it becomes available.

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Easter Egg role Lottery 2022

If the White home Easter Egg role is organized in person in 2022, a free ticket lottery will certainly be held online so that families across America have an chance to attend.

Lottery date

The ticket lottery will be organized on the Recreation.gov website. The exact lottery dates and the attach to the main White home Easter Egg role lottery pagewill be published below when ticketing info is announced.

How to get in the White house Easter Egg role lottery

The lottery page will have actually a list of all of the accessible time slots and also applicants will certainly rank castle in the stimulate of preference.Each household will be restricted to one lottery applications for a maximum of 6 tickets.In previous years, the moment slots available for the Easter Egg role (Groups A, B, C, D, and E) were:
Lottery results will it is in available about a mainly later. Email notifications indigenous Recreation.gov will certainly be sent after that day to the lottery winners through instructions because that obtaining tickets.

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2022 White home Easter Eggs

every year, souvenir wood eggs are offered to youngsters attending the Easter Egg roll at the White House. These commemorative eggs arealso made accessible for purchase online.The 2021 design included a bunny hare wearing a mask. A unique gold egg through President Biden"s dog Champ and significant was also obtainable for purchase.The official wooden eggs for 2021 room pictured above.More information around the 2022 White residence Easter Eggs will certainly be posted right here when it becomes available.

The White house Easter Egg roll on Twitter

This Easter Egg role Twitter feed consists of the best tweets from attendees, one-of-a-kind guests, entertainers, volunteers, media and also more. For the recent updates, monitor