Counseling, Advocacy, Direct client Services & support Groups

Family or residential Violence

Family Violence can occur to any kind of family, anyone, any walks that life. Physical, emotional or emotionally Abuse is real. Over there is help! Victims and also Survivors are encouraged to get in touch with one of ours Counselors and also Advocates who can aid you through your situation and also work with your safety planning. Counseling, situation Intervention and Advocacy solutions in individual and group settings are provided complimentary of charge.

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H.E.A.R.T. (Help finish Abusive relationship Tendencies) -- Due to COVID-19 this support group is carried out virtually to non-residents.A confidential support group for battered and formerly victims.Economic Class, a class that guides our client toward project readiness and assist them improve skills for financial independence and autonomy v education and also counseling. Sexual assault survivors support group, a confidential support team for victims and survivors of sex-related assault. VIRTUAL SUPPORT team (Consent)
Video Counseling Session

You can accessibility this business if you are currently an established client! This session will be a pre-scheduled meeting. The button below will connect you come the confidentiality agreement prior to we have the right to proceed with giving you a video clip session. This is simply a one-time covenant for every sessions you will certainly be receiving. Her counselor will provide you v an Osnium Number to proceed. A confirmation will be sent out to your email deal with and your counselor will certainly respond via email v the link for the video session.


Please contact (903)509-2526 if girlfriend have any questions or need a video clip counseling session v a counselor.

Sexual attack Advocacy & support Groups

Sexual attack can happen to anyone. Approximates are the one in three women and also one in seven guys will it is in sexually assaulted in their lifetime... And usually, the offender is someone well-known to the victim. Sexual assault is any type of sexual call or intimacy performed upon one person by one more without shared consent, or with the i can not qualify of the survivor to give consent due to age or psychological or physical incapacity.

In Texas, 2 in five women and one in five men will certainly be sexually struck within their lifetime. In a bulk of cases, the offender is someone known to the survivor. Sexual assault can have disastrous effects such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, and strained relationships. The east Texas Crisis facility provides solutions to survivors and their family/friends. Services available to those impacted by sexual assault include hospital accompaniment, separation, personal, instance counseling, therapy groups, security orders, and also more. Teams for ladies survivors that sexual attack are hosted on the following days/times:

Tuesdays, 10AM-11AM; Thursdays, 6PM-7PM.

The support group for family/friends that survivors is hosted once a month – please call for an ext information about dates/times. A brief screening is needed prior to joining a group.

Advocacy / legitimate Advocacy

Accompaniment to hospitals, law enforcement offices, prosecutors office and also courts is provided.

Limited release Form

Family security Orders

Screening and processing legal files in teamwork with the righteousness system

Video Advocacy Session 

You can access this company if girlfriend are already an created client! This session will be a pre-scheduled meeting. The button below will connect you come the confidentiality agreement before we can proceed with giving you a video clip session. This is simply a one-time covenant for every sessions you will certainly be receiving. Your advocate will carry out you with an Osnium Number come proceed. A confirmation will be sent to her email resolve and your advocate will certainly respond via email v the link for the video session. 

Video Advocacy

Please contact (903)509-2526 if you have any questions or require a video advocacy session through an advocate.

Violence intervention Network program include:

Men’s education and learning Network

For males working to end violence in their relationships.

Women’s intervention Network

For women that batter their intimate partners

Alternatives come Violence

For people who assault non-family members

Emergency Shelter

Provides emergency security for victim of family violence and sexual assault.Developing a safety setup and setup goals for their futureProvides counseling to begin the healing process and decide around returning house safely or developing independent living arrangements.

Children’s Prevention and Education program (Shelter residents Only)

The Crisis center Children’s Prevention and Education program fosters a sense of purpose and belonging for residents, pre-school and also school-age children, giving stability, consistency, and anti-victimization skills training ~ above a day-to-day basis. More ~ above Children"s prevention Programs.

Economic education Classes

The number one factor anyone returns to your abuser is the reality that they carry out not have relevant job an abilities or training to earn adequate revenue to support themselves and their children. Once safe from injury clients have the possibility to gain their emotionally bearings and also begin to think about the obstacles and also challenges the lie ahead because that them to work toward independent living.

The financial Education Class addresses the financial challenges of achieve self-sufficiency faced by ours clients. That is designed come help clients improve your financial problem by broadening their skills through job training. The curriculum used for the classes to be written particularly for victim of family violence and is noted to our agency by the Allstate Foundation.

Weekly class includes:

Learn to build a budgetManage their moneyPrepare for task interviewsSecure a far better paying job

Public Education and Primary avoidance Program

Currently as result of COVID-19 all in human Public speaking Engagements room being conducted virtually top top Zoom.

The Speakers’ bureau is readily available as a community business at no charge to inform spiritual and civic organizations and clubs, education institutions and also businesses around victimization.

In-services, seminars and also workshops are performed with law enforcement, clinical services, educators and community organ to help them in working v victims.

The east Texas Crisis center offers educational training’s to young males interested in reduce men’s violence see Men Against Violence

No appointment necessary.

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Immediate situation Intervention and also Advocacy are available on a walk-in basis during constant office hours.After office hours call Hotline in ~ 903-595-5591 or 800-333-0358



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