San Antonio – mountain Antonio police space investigating ~ a man was shooting dead on the east side that the city early Tuesday morning.

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Police police officers were called to 5000 blocks on Stoneley Drive, not far from Highway 87 and also Loop 410, shortly prior to 3am ~ being notified of the injured.

According to police, police arrived to find a male with a gunshot wound close to his collarbone. That was taken to the Brook army Medical facility in a stable problem by EMS.

The victim called police the he to be shot in a car near Loop 410 and also Rigsby Avenue, however did not provide much information.

When the window shattered, a woman passenger cut her arm through glass and was cure on-site. However, police claimed the woman had conflicting stories around shooting.

Authorities say there is no suspicious details at this time. The examination is underway, police said.

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This is a arising story. For more information, usage KSAT12 both online and on the air.


According come police, a vehicle man injured in a shoot on the east Side

resource link according to police, a auto man injured in a shoot on the eastern Side

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