At home, Jessie’s mom Lupe is livid after learning her daughter’s pregnancy test. Lupe guilt trips Jessie for acquiring knocked up together a teenager (just as she did) and also ruining she college ambitions. When Jessie says it’s still early and she has “options,” Lupe says, “You mean an abortion?.. You understand we don’t believe in that.” Lupe’s one consolation is the Jessie’s nice friend Jacob (who, favor Lupe, has actually no idea Jessie slept through Cristian) will be a good, responsible dad, unequal Jessie’s father. Meanwhile, Jacob is planning to break up v Jessie so he deserve to be through her cousin Maya, who resides with Jessie and also Lupe.Jacob is shocked when Jessie speak him she’s pregnant. They had sex just one time (he suspect she’d to be a virgin till that point) and also he provided a condom. Jessie claims it must have broke. Jacob asks her to take into consideration terminating, together he to be planning to to visit the university of Indiana top top scholarship. Jessie is torn. Later, Jacob’s disappointed father Hernan speak his child he’ll need to step up and also take treatment of the baby. Climate Lupe – who’s been diagnosed with terminal cancer – begs Jacob come marry Jessie as a donate to her. The agrees and also later proposes to Jessie, despite he is actually in love through Maya. Knowing just how her fiancee and also cousin feel around each other, Jessie begs Maya to leave her home forever.In the main leading approximately the wedding, Jessie need to reckon v the opportunity that she may not complete high school, much less attend college. Jacob’s heart division over the ns of his scholarship and Maya’s sudden disappearance. Through nowhere to go and also no other family to take she in, troubled Maya turns to stripping, drugs, and also alcohol; she ultimately overdoses and also winds up in rehab. Meanwhile, Lupe’s medical professional speaks to Jessie about her pregnancy in private and also tells her she needn’t go v with it. Yet Jessie can’t imagine acting versus her dying mother’s wishes. Also after Lupe passes away, Jessie intends to marry Jacob, specifically once she learn it’s also late to have actually a pill abortion.Jessie and a recently sober Maya reunite for Lupe’s funeral, in addition to Lupe’s sister Paulina (a successful fashion exec) and also Reina (Maya’s medicine addicted mom). Reina can tell Maya and Jacob have actually a thing and also encourages her daughter to forget around him; the 2 make plans come leave town the job of Jessie and Jacob’s wedding. But before they leave, a heartsick Maya sneaks into the church just long enough to check out Jessie walk under the aisle. Quickly after Maya bolts, Jessie stop the ceremony and tells Jacob she needs to speak come him in private. She finally admits to him the she had unprotected sex with Cristian, that is the actual fetus father. Now off the hook, Jacob automatically leaves the church to uncover Maya. Jessie later on confesses her situation to Tia Paulina. Paulina speak her niece it isn’t too late to have an abortion. Jessie says, “Good girls don’t have actually abortions.” Paulina responds, “Yes, us do,” and also tells Jessie all around the abortion she had actually as a teen, i m sorry she never regretted.A couple of weeks later, Jacob and Maya graduate high school. Paulina delivers the keynote deal with at your commencement, i m sorry is all around life gift a collection of choices. Together she speaks, we watch a montage in i beg your pardon Jessie visits a clinic with Maya at her side and also has a operation abortion. In one epilogue, we learn that one year later Maya and also Jacob are still together and Jessie is walk to college to study medicine.KEEPING IT actual QUOTIENTI watched the whole very first season that this collection because I had actually no idea wherein the abortion story would begin or end. It’s usually easy for me to glean that details just by scanning reviews, yet this routine (which attributes an entirely Latino cast) doesn’t show up to gain a lot of English-language press. I had actually no idea that Jessie’s unplanned pregnancy would stretch end 12 episodes, or the so much drama would hinge upon even if it is or no she births this child.Beginning in the first half that the season, there’s this other unplanned pregnancy story around Jessie’s friend Ceci, a homeless teenage girl who gets pregnant through accident and also faces massive struggle after ~ she decides to keep the baby. Once Ceci speaks to the exact same clinic doctor whom Jessie would later visit, the physician describes California abortion laws in clear, non-judgmental detail. This was when I started to an alert that eastern Los High isn’t just a steamy teen soap. It’s also full of these handy public business announcements around preventing and dealing with unplanned pregnancies and also sexuallytransfer diseases.In fact, this production is bankrolled by a nonprofit company called populace Media Center, whose mission is “using entertainment-education for social change”. Essentially, PMC i was delegated a group of producer to develop an engaging scripted drama in an answer to high prices of teen pregnancy amongst Latinas, While trying out the sex lives of these young characters, the writers sprinkle in useful facts relating to sexual health, together as exactly how various creates of contraception work, the difference in between medical and also surgical abortion, and how to use arrangement B. Oftentimes the distribution of these messages deserve to be a little clunky. Sometimes the activity pauses abruptly for this reason the producers have the right to deliver crucial public organization announcement come the teen viewing audience. Yet it helps the the action surrounding this messages is very entertaining in ways you’d intend a teen soap come be, with all the sex, love triangles, and dark family members secrets that keep viewers like me hooked.But unequal a teen soap in the vein that Beverly Hills 90210, which focuses on the stays of wealthy, white teens living in one of the country’s poshest zip codes, east Los High is gritty and sometimes an extremely harsh in reality ways. My favourite thing around Ceci and also Jessie’s stories is that, in both cases, neither fetus dad has any type of interest in elevating a child. I discover it odd that in so many TV depictions that unplanned teen pregnancy (see 21 jump Street, Degrassi: The following Generation, Parenthood, Friday Night Lights, and also the abovementioned 90210) the boy wants the girl to store the baby. On eastern Los High, the boys’ responses to your sex partner’s unplanned pregnancies variety from, “That’s no my problem,” to, “Please have actually an abortion.” not one fetus father on this display wants to acquire stuck education a boy they didn’t plan, and also that sentiment certainly tracks more with my personal experience and the actual life abortion story I’ve witnessed.I likewise love that we check out an unflinching portrayal of how an oops pregnancy can upend so numerous lives. Obviously, Jessie and Jacob are sacrificing your ambitions to do the “right” thing. And of course, their impending marriage quashes Jacob and also Maya’s opportunity for romance, which is sad because they have this intense bond forged by their working connection (talented chef Maya has actually helped recreation Jacob and also his father Hernan’s failing taqueria). When Maya pipeline her family’s home and also dives right into this various other work instance that renders her miserable, her disappearance not only breaks Jacob’s heart but additionally threatens his family’s business. Several of these melodramatic developments can feel a little bit contrived – it is a soap opera, after every – but none of it is unbelievable. In Jessie and also Jacob’s case, this fetus is causing lots of difficulties for both them and also their love ones.The only human being who is at all relieved in ~ the believed of these two children marrying is Lupe. To be honest, she really got on mine nerves. Together an ex-Catholic, the step in i m sorry she confronts Jessie around her pregnancy made me upset in a an extremely familiar way. Below we watch the bike of guilt and martyrdom in ~ work. Lupe is enraged through Jessie for obtaining pregnant young, due to the fact that she assumes she daughter would have learned by her example of consistent suffering and also sacrifice. In ~ the same time, she won’t even think about “allowing” Jessie to abort (though as doctors on the show repeatedly note, Jessie doesn’t need her legal permission). Once Jessie tells she mom, “I didn’t know what to do! You never ever told me what to do,” Lupe ignores her, saying, “At the very least you won’t have to raise this infant alone.” As far as she’s concerned, Jessie should resign herself to a life of working multiple, low-paying work as punishment for having actually sex. Over there is no happiness in she daughter’s situation. According to Lupe’s worldview, her daughter is damned if she aborts, yet she’s additionally damned if she i do not care an underage mom. Jessie’s only chance at redemption is sacrifice her desires by bearing a kid she doesn’t want, and setting her own kid up for future guilt trips through marrying a man she’s not that into. I discover Lupe’s martyrdom quite self-serving, in a demented way. However again, it’s acquainted to me and really real.Given every this, it provides sense that Jessie pretends Jacob is the fetus father. When she confesses the truth to him, she admits, “I wanted it to it is in yours for this reason bad. Ns even persuaded myself it was.” and also why wouldn’t she? specifically after her mommy dies, his visibility as a spouse and also father would be the key difference between her and also Ceci, who has to live in a sanctuary for teen moms since she doesn’t have anyone to assist her.

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Fortunately, Jessie does have another ally - Tia Paulina. Together a jet-setting business woman, Paulina cannot constantly be there for her nieces. However when she is, she comes with clear-eyed, thoughtful advice around safe sex, and encourages these girls come envision their futures past locking under a husband. Ns pumped my fist heartily when she revealed her own abortion story. The authors did really great job that explaining just how this mrs of faith processes her termination. As soon as Jessie asks her aunt what the hardest component of her abortion was, Paulina says, “I simply wondered if there was a spirit that was gaining ready come come and also be with me. And I had actually to tell that soul to wait. The was hard. However at the exact same time i was happy too, because there to be something that I might look front to in the future.” It’s really necessary for young people who believe in God come see instances of faithful adult who room okay v abortion. This isn’t something we often see top top television. Because that that and also all the various other reasons pointed out above, Jessie’s story is yes, really special.

GRADEA- many of my problems with this story arc are aesthetic. That drags because that a long time. The abruptly interspersed an extremely Important Messages regarding Teen Sex can be distracting. The slut-shaming facet of Maya’s piece club misadventures – especially the way her surly coworkers are illustrated – is a little insulting and also kinda square. But for all its melodrama, this first season of east Los High speaks a many truth about abortion, teen pregnancy, and also teen motherhood. None of the principal personalities are demonized for the complicated choices they make (for instance, Ceci comes out the other finish of her teen mom story with much more dignity than she had actually at the beginning).

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This is a an extremely compassionate and also thoroughly taken into consideration tale. And I likewise like that i didn’t predict just how it would certainly end.- by Tara