East Fork Bear river Campground is nestled ideal along the be affected by each other River around 35 miles south of Evanston, Wyoming. Just off the mirror Lake Scenic Byway at an key of 8,400 feet. The byway cuts through the Uinta Mountains, i m sorry are known for their plentiful gendergeek.orgal opportunities and also scenic beauty.

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This campground uses 7 single campsites with picnic tables and also fire rings. There room vault restroom infrastructure available. 

Need come Know

There space no electrical, water, or sewage system hookups obtainable at this location.

Extra Vehicles: One vehicle is consisted of in your solitary campsite fee; two in your twin campsite fee. Each additional vehicle need to fit safely on the spur and also will be charged a per day fee that is gathered on website (cash or inspect only).

Quiet time is 10 afternoon - 6 am.

ATVs room not enabled on the highway unless licensed.

Please recognize that camping is an outdoor experience; therefore, we carry out not give refunds or credits for weather or herbal conditions.

Please note: Utah gendergeek.org firm is not responsible for accident or injury to any kind of person or property resulting from the usage of this facility and also is not responsible because that the lose of money or valuables of any kind of kind. The user that this permit assumes full and complete obligation for the conduct and also actions of all members in his or her party.

Natural Features

The campground is nestled along the be afflicted with River and also provides accessibility for fishing. It sits amongst a thin woodland of pine and also aspen trees, which administer only restricted shade. Summer wildflowers and also grasses dot the landscape.


The campground has actually river accessibility for fishing and also is near many trails for hiking, backpacking, hill biking and ATV riding. 

Changes & Cancellations

Reservation Cancellations & Changes

Cancelling a Reservation: Customers may cancel your reservation prior to arrival both on-line and through the call center. A $10 service fee will certainly be withheld from any kind of refund because that a cancellation. Depending on when you cancel in relationship to your arrival day, it may be taken into consideration a late cancellation (see below).

Changing an existing Reservation: When transforms are made prior to the cut-off window:

If a customer desires to switch dates that are totally outside of the original reservation dates, over there is a $10 change fee.

There is no readjust fee if a client extends or shortens a reservation, as long as the change includes days from the original reservation. If they choose to depart early, they may forfeit the gendergeek.org fee for the work of departure.

There is no readjust fee if the customer wants to move sites that room the exact same price through the exact same reservation days in the very same facility.

If a reservation is do that includes dates beyond the maximum booking window, the reservation can not be readjusted until 18 days have passed from the initial booking date.

Late Cancellations or Cancellations in ~ the Cut-off Window

Individual Campsites: A customer that cancels a reservation the day prior to or ~ above the work of arrival will pay a $10.00 business fee and also forfeit the an initial night's use fee (not to exceed the full paid for the original reservation). Cancellations because that a one-night reservation will certainly forfeit the whole amount paid and will no be topic to secondary service fee.

Cabins / Lookouts: Customers who cancel a cabin or lookout reservation less than 14 days prior to the arrival day will salary a $10.00 service fee and also forfeit the first night's usage fee.

Group basic (including Cabins and also Lookouts): Customers who cancel a team overnight basic reservation much less than 14 days before the arrival date will salary a $10.00 service fee and also forfeit the first night's use fee.

Group Day use Area: Customers who cancel a team day-use basic reservation less than 14 days prior to the arrival date will forfeit the complete day-use fee.

Changes or Cancellations in ~ the Cut-off Window: as soon as a reservation day has begun, customers cannot readjust a reservation making use of the online device or v the Call facility (see below for at an early stage departures). If the location is staffed, on-site personnel may or may not be able to assist with alters or cancellations (check with neighborhood staff).


Overnight and Day-Use Facilities: A no-show client is one who does not arrive at a campground and does no cancel the reservation by check-out time ~ above the job after the scheduled arrival date (or for day-use facilities, by check-in time the job of arrival). Staff will host a campsite till check-out time ~ above the day complying with the come date and also will hold team day-use infrastructure until check-in time ~ above the come date.

No-shows room assessed $20.00 company fee and forfeit the first night’s gendergeek.org fee for a campsite or forfeit the whole day-use fee for a day-use facility.

Early Departures

If a customer departs before the reserved check-out date, they might be eligible because that a partial refund.

Please notify staff at the facility if friend depart at an early stage to allow others to usage the site.

Customers may notify the call center to inquiry a refund of staying unused nights. If a client requests a refund for an early departure ~ the basic check-out time has passed, the customer will certainly not be refunded for that night and also is eligible for a refund ~ above any additional nights that will certainly not it is in used.

Interagency pass Discounts

The following are the just Interagency passes that provide a discount top top camping reservations and also some tickets:

Senior annual Pass

Senior life time Pass

Access Pass

Golden period Pass

Golden accessibility Pass

Eligible pass discounts only use to separation, personal, instance campsites and may use to a ticket for the happen holder. Interagency happen discounts do not apply to team reservations, cabins, shelters, and multi-use website (doubles, triples, etc.).

Pass discounts only use to the gendergeek.org (or use) fee for the facility. Various other charges such as power or water hookups, preventive or various other fees are not eligible for a discount.

The holder that the pass need to occupy the site for i beg your pardon the discount is applied.

The pass deserve to only be used for one site during a time period.


Customers might submit a refund request with their gendergeek.org profile in ~ 7 work of the end date of their reservation. Customers may also initiate a refund request with the call facility at any kind of time after your reservation has ended.

Fees: Applicable fees, such as reservation fees, service/cancellation fees, lottery application fees, and readjust fees, are non-refundable.

Debit or credit transaction Card Purchases: Refunds for debit or credit card payment made after October 1, 2018 will be issued together a credit transaction to the original bank or credit transaction card offered to pay. In the occasion that a customer has cancelled this card, they will require to call their card company to have actually the funds released. We cannot worry refunds to any type of card other than the one offered to pay. If a client paid through a debit or credit transaction card prior to October 1, 2018 your refund will certainly be authorize in the type of a Treasury check.

Check or Cash Purchases: gendergeek.org will mail a Treasury examine for refunds of cash, check, or money order payments to the deal with associated with the reservation. You might update the address at the time you inquiry the refund. It might take approximately 6-8 weeks because that the Treasury check to arrive. Please make certain your attend to is up to day in your customer profile.

Emergency Closures: In the event of one emergency closure, the gendergeek.org team or basic manager will certainly refund all fees and will attempt to notify you making use of the contact information within her gendergeek.org customer profile.

Reservation fees for free tickets are non-refundable in the occasion of an emergency closure.

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gendergeek.org Billing Information

Reservation transactions will show up on customer's credit card statements together "gendergeek.org 877-444-6777 NM"

Changes come Policies and Procedures

gendergeek.org reserves the right, once necessary, to modify reservation policies. These policies were last updated September 2019.

Contact Information

Mailing Address

564 W 700 S Ste.305, box #5 satisfied Grove UT 84062