As folks proceed to dig out from this week’s nor’easter, we’re watching an additional storm mechanism that will likely bring secondary wintry mix come the Northeast later this week.

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Warm-Side Forecast

The following storm system to influence the east will be far different from the many recent nor’easter. The track of this surface low press will be lot farther to the northwest, meaning the upcoming storm mechanism will attract in warmer air, result in much more rain.

A surface cold prior will exit the Midwest Thursday night and quickly push toward the Appalachian Mountains early on Friday morning. The surface low push will be near the eastern good Lakes and U.S./Canada border, drawing in a cold rain and wintry mix to the mid-Atlantic.

Throughout Friday, warmer southerly wind will cause it come rain in spots the it had actually just snowed previously this week.

By Friday night, the cold prior will exit the eastern coast and drop temperatures from the 40’s earlier into the 20’s.

Rainfall will be a half-inch come 1.5″ and could be enough to reason minor flooding due to the mix of melt snow.

Cold-Side Forecast

Zooming out the forecast picture you deserve to see whereby the surface low push will it is in located. Closer come this area lies colder air. Areas from Michigan to western new York, north Pennsylvania and also northern new England will get a wintry mix the snow, sleet, part freezing rain and also some rain too.


By Friday morning’s commute, the most likely locations to gain a wintry mix the snow and sleet will be from main Pennsylvania to upstate new York.


Shortly after Friday morning’s sirloin hour, the wintry mix the snow and also sleet will certainly move right into much of new England. At brand-new England’s coastline, we can expect a cold rain.


Most that this upcoming event’s eye should loss along the northern most tiers of brand-new England in north Vermont, new Hampshire, and also Maine.

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