Warden Dennis Grimes started his job in correction in 1985. Through 36 year of experience. He moved up with the ranking from Cadet to Asst. Warden at Dixon Correctional institute (DCI). There he began The State of Louisiana Youthful Offender Program. This program was for Inmates 18 year old or younger. This regime was designed for offenders to obtain their GED and address their mental status.In April 2008, Warden Grimes concerned East Baton Rouge at the inquiry of the Sheriff as true corrections skilled with much more than twenty-three years’ experience. Warden Grimes monitor all aspects of the prison. The is cursed to rehabilitation and also stopping the revolving door.

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Since comes on in ~ the jail he has helped implement numerous rehabilitation programs including widening work release and GED, beginning parenting classes, a confidence based wing, and also currently working v local ar organization to lug a perform of various other programs come the prison. Warden Grimes has been able come network with neighborhood colleges to have actually them lug their programs to the jail population. Warden Grimes has actually enlisted end 200 volunteers to administer programs in ~ EBR.

Warden Grimes is a board Member that the State reentry advisory council, Bridge facility for Hope, eastern Baton Rouge Criminal righteousness Coordinating council (CJCC).

Warden Grimes hold an Associate level in Theology. The is married come Paula Grimes and Pastor of reconstruction Christian center in Clinton, LA. They have actually two sons, 2 grandkids, and one daughter-in-law.

Parish PrisonThe east Baton Rouge Parish jail is run and also staffed by the Sheriff's Office. End 1500 inmates are housed in ~ this facility; 1410 males and also 184 females. Over 350 Deputies space employed in ~ the Prison, consisting of secretarial workers, guards, and also administrative staff.

Of course, the prison serves a really important duty in east Baton Rouge Parish, maintaining those people off the the roadways who room a risk to the law-abiding citizens. The prison does have several program in ar which strive to assist these inmates to learn the error of your ways and also to come to be viable parts of the ar upon your release. These programs encompass a GED program which permits the inmates to knife a high institution equivalency diploma, physics fitness program and an extensive library. The prison also features it's own chapel to stress to the inmates the value of virtue, and to administer them with a location to reflect upon their wrongdoings.

For inmate details such together Bond Amounts, Charges, and also Visitation schedule please contact 225-308-3400. This number is obtainable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Major Catherine FontenotDeputy Warden

Catherine Fontenot has worked in the ar of corrections and also public safety for 26 years. ~ above July 9, 2018, she was preferred to it is in the major of the east Baton Rouge Parish Prison. She newly served as the significant of correction for the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office. Together a member that the Sheriff’s command, she to be responsible because that overseeing corrections operations in ~ the downtown correctional center, the direct supervision/reentry unit, the transitional job-related facility, the community corrections campus, the juvenile justice services division and the Acadiana restore Center.She served as a one-of-a-kind assistant at the Louisiana room of Justice, the state that Louisiana’s watchdog. She is considered to it is in a corrections skilled having served 22 years v the LA department of windy Safety and Corrections. Beginning at the "top and working her way down," from correction Cadet at a state tool security jail to Assistant Warden the Programming in ~ the Louisiana State Penitentiary, Ms. Fontenot is a believer in ethical rehabilitation. "Offenders desire to it is in clean, safe and know they space paid attention too - whether their actions are good or bad, they require to know that rather are impacted by what they room doing."Fontenot earned degrees in Criminal Justice and also a masters in Criminology and also passed the ACA's Certified corrections Executive exam. She is an adjunct professor because that the university of Louisiana at Lafayette and previously teach students enrolled at the Louisiana technological College Greensburg Branch and also the Baton Rouge neighborhood College. She is passionate about promoting professionalism and also correcting deviant behavior and encourages those functioning in the ar to write around their experience - as she does. Ms. Fontenot is previous president that the phibìc American association of Wardens and Superintendents, previous president of the Louisiana Correctional Association, member that the Louisiana State Penitentiary Museum Board and also is a fellow of The british American Project and also the Royal society of Arts.She got the Charles E. Dunbar award in 2014 after twice being called an honorable cite recipient the the state's height civil organization award for career service. Fontenot has worked on award winning movies, documentaries and historic events which have carried world-wide attention to today's an overwhelming correctional issues, including subjects such together the "graying of prisons," hospice, ethical rehabilitation and is right now tackling and also researching the influence of peer mentoring ~ above recidivism prices using long-term inmates as teachers for short-termers. She understands the need for better reentry support for incarcerated women. She is a proponent for victim and survivor empowerment modeled programs in ~ the criminal justice system.Ms. Fontenot is the mom of 3 wonderfully brilliant kids who she really hopes will sooner or later make their own positive contributions to peace in our communities.

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Captain James SandridgeChief the Intake and Release​Capt James Sandridge serves together Chief of Intake and also Release at the east Baton Rouge Parish Prison. He has been employed due to the fact that May 1989 and also has been with the EBR Sheriff’sOffice for 30 years; every one of that time spent at the Parish Prison. Before being supported to Captain of Intake and Release, he to be the at sight over central Booking, Bonding, Records and also Classification Divisions. In 2017, heattended FLETCtraining in Charleston, south Carolina to become the first287G immigration Officer for the east Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office and also the an initial 287GImmigration program in the state that Louisiana. In 2017 and also 2019, he was awarded the corrections Supervisor that the year.