Basic geometric principles explain how that works.

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Just with time for the holidays, the diagonal gift wrap hack has actually gone viral. It’s age-old wisdom in some circles—a graduate student also wrote a paper about the mathematics of the perfect gift pave in 2007, and also it’s how Subway sandwich artists currently wrap your lunch—but the seems choose the net is only now recording up. Exhibition A:

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Wrapping presents is such a culturally agreed upon futile an obstacle that there are explainers and demonstration videos everywhere, which most human being watch, enjoy, and then never ever emulate. Somehow, pack presents feels favor art and mathematics in the ways people fear most around both subjects.

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But this technique is super simple to learn and also use—and accordingly nerdy, come boot.


The mystery to the economic climate of the diagonal wrap is that, for certain book-shaped things, it cuts method down on the redundant areas of paper and maximizes her coverage. Ns watched the video and planned an object size and record size that complement the conditions: a small too brief in one of two people direction once wrapping in a timeless squared-off way. In an example, i wrapped a flat, 4 × 5 “book” in a 7 × 9 sheet.


The green and pink dotted lines show where you wrinkles over, and also I’ve shaded the result flaps to present the sad leftover square we commonly conceal through a separate piece you tape on together a patch. Bonus clues if you do the patch native a scrap you must never have cut off your totality piece to start with.

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I sheathe a level “book” v an area that 20 (4 × 5) in a sheet v an area that 63 ( 7 × 9). If in which method wrapping could be absolutely, perfectly efficient, I"d need a minimum that 40 come cover the flat rectangle with area 20. The wrapping sheet has enough to do this project with 23 square units leftover. Where are they going? I need a sheet that"s long sufficient in one direction to totally wrap approximately my item. For the 4 × 5 book, that means at least 8 in one direction or at the very least 10 in the other. An 8 × 8 or 10 × 6 sheet would be enough.


When you rotate the file 45 degrees, the same size paper of file suddenly watch huge. You’ve relocated all the extra dead space in the corners therefore that now it forms the longest part of her sheet, which easily folds across and provides a comfortable overlap zone through the the opposite flap. I turned mine illustration just about 45 degrees exactly to do the demonstrate easier, but you certainly don’t have to be the exact. This same spatial idea is just how envelopes are made, and also most envelopes are made of rounded rhombuses, no squares.

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Again, the an enig is just how you"re wrapping every the means around the item. A diamond orientation way you"re urgently over best triangles, with the longest next of each one, the hypotenuse, spanning the entire edge of your item. If the tails the each end wrap every the way around her book and overlap also a little bit, your entire publication is enclosed.

Our reliable wrapping length increased from 7 or 9 to end 11 inches because that each diagonal. A urgent "fortune teller" reflects us just how elegantly this deserve to work as soon as our item of record is square, developing a perfect time with no overlap.

If girlfriend insist, the most reliable squared-off way to plunder a publication is to reduced enough document to wrap around it one means and trim the other edges brief so friend can closely fold them together and also tape them. This is just how you use the least paper in this configuration, yet it calls for unnecessary amounts of finesse, more tape, and an extremely neat edge on your cut of paper.

Most civilization cut the ends long and also just wrinkles them over roughly the earlier of the book, yet that needs clever folding and also looks messy despite it. Save some stress, paper, and also tape and just rotate your publication 45 degrees.

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