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A state the emergency has been asserted in Ridgecrest ~ a magnitude 6.4 earthquake rocked the Mojave Desert and was commonly felt about Southern California Thursday morning, the fourth of July.

The epicenter the a magnitude 6.4 earthquake that struck east-northeast of Ridgecrest ~ above July 4, 2019, is presented in a USGS map.

The quake struck at 10:33 a.m. And also centered around 7 miles southwest Searles Valley, about 11 miles east-northeast that Ridgecrest, 109 miles north of mountain Bernardino and 121 miles north-northeast that Los Angeles, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

It had a preliminary magnitude of 6.6 prior to being downgraded.

The “mainshock” was came before by magnitude 4.2 temblor that shook the area roughly 30 minutes before the large quake, seismologist Lucy Jones tweeted, calling the earlier tremor a foreshock.

A quick time after ~ the magnitude 6.4 earthquake, aftershocks measuring 4.6, 4.2, 3.8 and also 3.5 struggle the same area, USGS reported.

Shaking extensively Felt, damages Reported

A big crack is seen going clear across a highway adhering to an earthquake ~ above July 4, 2019. (Credit: A cracked in the roadway is seen near Ridgecrest, California ~ Thursday’s quake.(Credit: Karaleigh Roe via CNN)

Thursday’s shaking, which registered in the Los Angeles area together a long, rolling motion, and lasted for at least 20 seconds. It was felt by plenty of throughout southern California and additionally as far as Sacramento, Reno, ras Vegas, Phoenix and Tijuana, according to USGS’s website.

Some boy injuries to be reported near the epicenter, and there appeared to be irradiate damage.

Gov. Gavin Newsom asserted a state the emergency in Ridgecrest, a desert city of around 29,000 that was among the areas hardest hit.

The Kern county Fire Department responded to nearly two dozen events in the results of the quake, whatever from structure fires to clinical assistance, officials said. Search and also rescue groups were dispatched come the area.

At least one house was engulfed in flames as fire crews functioned to extinguish the blaze, video clip from the step showed.

The Ridgecrest regional Hospital to be evacuated early in the afternoon, follow to Kern county fire officials. Fifteen patients in the emergency room to be taken to various other hospitals in north L.A. County, while others sheltered in place.

Several civilization suffered young injuries in the quake, mainly involving broken glass and also fallen shelves.

The san Bernardino ar Fire room tweeted the buildings and roads were damaged in Trona, one unincorporated ar in a far area that the county the is located about 10 mile northeast of Ridgecrest.

The roadway damage included a 12-inch crack throughout Highway 178, about two mile west that Trona Road, follow to the mountain Bernardino ar Sheriff’s Department. The was quickly filled in by Caltrans crews.

In various other northwest parts of the county, some buildings were uncovered to have minor cracks, according to the Fire Department. Over there were additionally broken water mains, downed strength lines and also rock slides.

Books sheathe the floor in ~ a library in Ridgecrest after a magnitude 6.4 earthquake hit the area top top July 4, 2019. (Credit: Curtis Sarad / Kern ar Library – Ridgecrest Branch)

The degree of the damage was not automatically known.

Six world accepted solutions at one American Red Cross sanctuary at the Kerr McGee Community facility in Ridgecrest, the company said.

USGS data proved the quake’s epicenter was within the 1.2 million-acre Naval wait Weapons station China Lake, where a desert test selection is located. The commanding officer over there said damages assessments to be being conducted, though he decreased to administer detail. The airfield ~ above site must be to work by Friday, the said.

No damages was instantly reported in the Los Angeles area, despite the city’s Fire department went ~ above earthquake mode.

The L.A. County Fire Department additionally reported no damage.

Jones stated the temblor was huge enough the it probably damaged the Earth’s surface.

More Aftershocks Anticipated

Experts warned that an ext seismic task is supposed in the coming days.

Jones defined the aftershock sequence as “robust.” in ~ the very first 90 minutes of the temblor, there were six events of size 4.0 or greater, and approximately 30 over magnitude 3.0.

“That way there will be plenty more aftershocks today,” she tweeted.

The #Ridgecrest earthquake is having actually a robust aftershock sequence. There have actually been 6 M4+ events and also ~30 M3+ in the first 90 minutes. That means there will certainly be plenty an ext aftershocks today.

— Dr. Lucy Jones (
DrLucyJones) July 4, 2019

By 3:15 p.m., much more than 220 aftershocks had actually been recorded, through 12 of castle at the very least magnitude 4, according to the southerly California Seismic Network.

Jones shown there is a approximately 9% opportunity that the main temblor could create an earthquake of comparable or better magnitude in ~ the following week.

The chance of a size 6.0 or greater in the area in the following several days is 20%, if the likelihood the a magnitude 5.0 is around 80%, according to USGS.

Those odds, however, will certainly decrease by about half on Friday, follow to seismologists.

At a news conference at Caltech, Jones proclaimed there will most most likely be an aftershock that at the very least magnitude 5.

“When the probabilities space this high, then you have the right to say, yes, over there will probably be a size 5 today,” she said.

No alarm From beforehand Warning App

Although the earthquake measured together a magnitude 6.4, the did not cause a warning from the city’s ShakeAlertLA app, which became easily accessible for download top top Android and also Apple smartphones earlier this year.

The early warning device was designed come send users details when a 5.0 or greater earthquake strikes the county before shaking gift felt.

As the city the Los Angeles defined in a tweet, “The #ShakeAlertLA application only sends alerts if shower is 5.0+ in LA County. Epicenter was 6.4 in Kern County,
USGS confirms LA’s shower was below 4.5.”

Caltech’s lab did receive very early warning, predicting the impending quake would certainly measure size 6.2, Jones said.

In an answer to complaints, officials claimed it would lower the app’s threshold; it was unclear once that readjust would get in effect.

Largest Quake come Hit SoCal in Decades

Thursday’s earthquake to be the biggest to hit southerly California in practically 20 years.

A size 7.1 quake win the Hector Mine area, nearly 50 mile east-southeast of Barstow, in October 1999, follow to Jones.

And it to be the 2nd largest in the region since the catastrophic size 6.7 Northridge quake devastated the region in 1994, killing dozens the people and causing billions that dollars in damages.

If Thursday’s temblor had actually hit in a more densely occupied area, it choose would have actually caused many much more injuries and also damages in the billions that dollars, the California Earthquake Authority claimed in a statement.’s Melissa Pamer and Cindy Von Quednow contributed to this story.

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Correction: A previous variation of the story incorrectly determined the Northridge quake together the biggest earthquake in southern California in the previous 25 years, and also gave the incorrect size for the temblor. In fact, the 1999 Hector Mine quake was larger than the Northridge quake. The post has to be updated.