Most couples spend hours deciding ~ above the perfect music for their wedding moments, native the bride’s entrance to the final song of the night. However when it comes time for the dancing, there room some tried-and-true melody that always get the dance floor jumping and also people singing along. These space the most-requested wedding songs, the music the everyone knows and loves.

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 A wedding dance floor isn’t the location for avant-garde niche favorites. The an possibility to unite people across different ages and also backgrounds v the best crowd-pleasers. 

Spanning over 50 year of pop music, several of these tunes will certainly be as familiar to nana together they are to your 7-year-old nephew. And they’ll be sure to get everyone moving. 

So right here they space — ours countdown the the height 20 most requested wedding songs!

20. Perfect — Ed Sheeran

This 2017 pop song is the only ballad to make our list. It’s a great chance because that overheated guest to take a breather, and also for the bride and groom to take a moment to themselves. 

19. Brown Eyed Girl — valve Morrison

The earliest song on ours list, valve Morrison’s 1967 rock tune will have actually everyone to sing along during the Sha la la la la la la la la la la dare da part.


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18. Wannabe — summer sprouts Girls

The average period of marriage is 29 because that men, 27 for women. Therefore it’s a small surprising the this 24-year-old popular music hit is still so high on ours most-requested wedding song list. Maybe today’s kids listened together with their larger siblings, and the tune brings ago family memories?

17. Hey Ya! — Outkast

Everyone’s gonna “shake it prefer a Polaroid picture” come this crowd-pleaser.

16. Despacito — louis Fonsi ft. Dad Yankee

The youngest tune on ours list, 2019’s reggaeton smash hit is wildly popular on the wedding run floor.

15. Anyone (Backstreet’s Back) — Backstreet Boys

The track to this song is for this reason enjoyable the no one will notification how silly the text are. The was the 90s for ya!

14. Ns Gotta feeling — black color Eyed Peas

Any song that gets civilization pumped up for the night front is going to work well top top a wedding run floor. And 2009’s i Gotta Feeling stays up to its lyrics. 

13. Cha Cha slide — DJ Casper

The Macarena and also the Electric Slide have actually given method to more recent choreographed run hits like 2000’s Cha Cha Slide and #9 on ours list…

12. Mr. Brightside — The Killers

The Killers’ first big hit, Mr. Brightside is among those songs the fans don’t sing — castle shout. That as lot fun now as it remained in 2003.


photo by ByBrea Photography

11. Livin’ on a Prayer — Bon Jovi 

Does anyone not know the chorus come this song? Bon Jovi’s 1986 absent jam is a must-play.

10. Dance Queen — ABBA

There are only two disco hits on our list, and one is this standard by ABBA. Also though it’s called Dancing Queen, it’s actually a little on the slow side. Monitor it up through Waterloo to obtain hearts pumping again!

9. Cupid Shuffle — Cupid

Cupid Shuffle is the just other choreographed run on ours list. And it’s so simple to carry out that all eras can participate.

8. Yeah! — Usher

This Usher song is a little bit raunchy, however fortunately the lyrics room fast enough that most world won’t record them. 

7. Can’t avoid the feeling — Justin Timberlake

This cheerful, catchy song has actually been a wedding staple due to the fact that it was released in 2016. 


Photo through Dani Leigh Photography

6. September — Earth, Wind, and also Fire

Earth, Wind, and also Fire’s 1978 disco smash has nonsensical lyrics like “ba de ya” that don’t median anything. But as songwriter Allee Willis said, “never allow the lyric obtain in the way of the groove.”

5. Close up door Up and also Dance — to walk the Moon

2014’s Shut Up and also Dance by one-hit wonders Walk the Moon to be a stop that world still love 6 year later. 

4. Don’t avoid Believin’ — Journey

As quickly as that piano starts, the group will simply know — it’s time to hit the run floor. Journey’s top song has been beloved due to the fact that 1981, and also it’s no going anywhere.


photo by ByBrea Photography

3. Sweet Caroline — Neil Diamond

The anthem that sporting events, Boston bars, and group sing-a-longs everywhere, Sweet Caroline will get the enlarge generations ago out on the run floor through the youngsters.

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2. Uptown Funk — mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson room in esteemed company here in the optimal three. Their 2014 popular music funk track is bound to put a smile on your guest’s faces.

1. Ns Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me) — Whitney Houston

The number one most requested wedding song at Maryland’s DJ is, unsurprisingly, by the Queen the the Night herself. What much better way to acquire the crowd relocating than an uptempo popular music hit about dancing with someone who loves you?

Want come hear these tunes at her wedding? add them to her “must play” list on your Maryland’s DJ wedding portal!