Ralph Johnson, from left, Philip Bailey and David Whitford of Earth, Wind & Fire execute at the party Rock Napa sink Music Festival in ~ Napa valley Expo on might 25, 2018, in Napa, Calif.

Earth, Wind & Fire’s music transcends generations, races and also genres. Maurice White created the tape in 1969, once it was originally named the “Salty Peppers.”

In 1972, he restructured the band and the surname to be after the three aspects in his astrological chart. The band consisted of his brothers Verdine White (on bass), Jessica Cleaves (vocals), Ronnie legislations (flute, saxophone), Roland Bautista (guitar), Larry Dunn (keyboard), Ralph Johnson (percussion), and Philip Bailey (vocals- falsetto).

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Earth, Wind & Fire had actually an all-encompassing vision the jazz, soul, pop, rock, blues, folk, afri music, and, later on, disco. Their structure of funky up-beat music linked the gap between white and black audiences.

In the 1980s, the band distributed due to White experiencing from Parkinson’s disease (he passed away in 2016). Bailey has led the group ever before since, together Verdine White and Ralph Johnson. In parallel with writing music because that the band, Bailey has created 12 solo albums v the years. One of his most successful singles, “Easy Lover,” was v Grammy award-winning singer Phil Collins.

“Coming in addition to Phil Collins was really natural, i think the the timbre of our voices complimented every other. He might be precisely who that was and I can be precisely who i am and it all just made sense,” Bailey said.

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His recent album “Love will find A Way” to be released ~ above June 21. On the album, he addresses the concern of racism and also police killings the unarmed black guys in the united States.

On optimal of his solo career, he created the foundation “Music is Unity” with his daughter Trinity. The regime supports foster youth transitioning into adulthood.

They companion with advocacy establishments that address the various problems that surround youth in foster care. MIU’s newest program, “Backstage Soundcheck tourism Experience” is draft to help student’s who space interested in the music industry get a look at at various careers in the field.

Bailey will be hosting among the experience Wednesday in ~ 3 p.m. In ~ Chastain Park.

“We introduce the youth to every the many facets of ours touring entourage and also what lock do and so forth,” Bailey said.

The band has won several awards v the decades, consisting of a BET and Grammy Lifetime achievement award. Recently, EWF made background as the first R&B group to obtain recognition by the Kennedy Center. There have actually only been three other groups to be identified with this distinction: Led Zeppelin, the Eagles, and also The Who.

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“Earth, Wind & Fire” will be performing at 8 p.m. On Wednesday at Cadence financial institution Amphitheater in ~ Chastain park.