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Earth, Wind & Fire are among the revered and also commercially successful bands of all time. They room hailed for their singular blend of R&B, pop and disco, and also Sunday they will be honored by the Kennedy facility for their contribution to American culture.

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Earth, Wind & Fire has been an active band due to the fact that 1969, therefore it’s had actually to compete with numerous personnel changes over the years. Which Earth, Wind & Fire members room still lively today? Which original members have died? review on because that a rundown of the band’s 2019 lineup.

Which original Members space Still Alive?

Earth, Wind & Fire’s current lineup boasts several initial members. This members incorporate lead singer Philip Bailey, bassist Verdine White, and drummer Ralph Johnson. Every three have actually been mainstays through the group due to the fact that 1972, and were component of the lineup that was inducted into the absent & role Hall the the reputation in 2000.

Larry Dunn to be the keyboardist for Earth, Wind & Fire, and also one of the members who was inducted right into the absent & roll Hall that Fame. Dunn is still lively today, yet he quit touring through the band in 1983. The made a unique appearance top top the band’s 2013 album Now, climate & Forever.

Fred White was inducted right into the absent & role Hall of Fame as the band’s percussionist, but he retirement in 1984 and also remains inactive today. The is the brothers of Verdine White and also the half-brother of the band’s founder, Maurice White. Al McKay to be the band’s lead guitarist during their heyday, yet he as well stepped under from his duty in 1980. He continues to record and release music.

Andrew Woolfolk and Johnny Graham were the saxophonist and rhythm guitarist the the band, respectively. They to be inducted into the absent & roll Hall the Fame during the 2000 ceremony, though they battered the band circa 1984. Both artists space alive today.

Which original Members have actually Died?

Maurice White, the band’s founder and lead singer (along through Bailey), passed away on February 4, 2016. He was 74. White was taken into consideration to it is in the an imaginative center that Earth, Wind & Fire, and was inducted into the Rock and Roll room of Fame and the Vocal group Hall the Fame. That was additionally inducted individually into the Songwriters room of Fame.

While Maurice White is the only original Earth, Wind & Fire member to have actually died, over there are various other members who have actually passed away end the years. Roland Bautista played rhythm guitar on the band’s 1972 album Last Days and also Time, but he did not return until the 1981 album Raise! He continued to be with the band v 1983, and played guitar on your classic single “Let’s Groove.” Bautista died on February 29, 2012 in ~ the period of 60.

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Wade Flemons to be a member that Maurice White’s original band, the braided Peppers, and also was among the an initial to it is in asked to join Earth, Wind & Fire in 1969. He performed as a songwriter and also a vocalist ~ above the band’s very first two albums, however he stepped away in 1972. Flemons passed away of cancer top top October 13, 1993. He was 53.

Which Members Are component of the 2019 Lineup?

In enhancement to the core trio that Bailey, White and Johnson, the band’s 2019 lineup includes:

B. David Whitworth – percussion, vocals (1996–present)Myron McKinley – keyboards, music director (2001–present)John Paris – drums, vocals (2001–present)Philip Doron Bailey – vocals, percussion (2009–present)Morris O’Connor – command guitar, vocals (2008–present)Serg Dimitrijevic – rate guitar, vocals (2014-present)

Verdine White talked to Cryptic Rock around the band’s longevity, and how he’s thankful for the pan who have actually supported them because that so long. “It’s incredible. You never ever know just how you room going to do; you can’t predict this things, lock aren’t predictable,” that said. “We have actually been extremely blessed and fortunate. I would need to say we are fortunate, lucky, and blessed to it is in doing this.”