The late Maurice White will forever be a "Shining Star" on"s charts. The co-founder the Earth, Wind & Fire -- who died at 74 top top Thursday (Feb. 4) -- not just charted quit singles and albums…


The so late Maurice White will certainly forever be a “Shining Star” on’s charts. The co-founder that Earth, Wind & Fire — who died at 74 ~ above Thursday (Feb. 4) — not only charted quit singles and also albums v the top R&B group, but additionally produced songs for the likes the Barbra Streisand, The Emotions, Jennifer Holliday and Deniece Williams.

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Earth, Wind & Fire Co-Founder Maurice White die at 74

The seven-time Grammy compensation winner an initial charted with Earth, Wind & Fire on might 8, 1971, as soon as the group’s self-titled album debuted ~ above the peak R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart (then-called finest Selling soul LP’s) at No. 36. The set contained the act’s an initial hot 100 graph hit, “Love Is Life,” which reached No. 93 2 months later.

The band would tally a full of 32 access time on the hot 100 throughout White’s lifetime, consisting of seven top 10 singles. Among them: the No. 1 standard “Shining Star” (in 1975), the evergreen “September” (No. 8 in 1979) and also “Let’s Groove” (No. 3 in 1981). The last — i m sorry is their longest-charting single on the tally v 24 mainly — is the group’s greatest hit ever before on the hot 100 graph (see list, below). “Let’s Groove” to be featured top top Earth, Wind & Fire’s Raise album, i beg your pardon peaked in ~ No. 5 top top the 200 and was one of eight height 10 initiatives for the group (all consecutive, between 1976 and 1981). The act topped the chart v 1976’s Gratitude, and in 1975 with That’s the way of the World.

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Earth, Wind & Fire’s Maurice White remembered by Nile Rodgers, Questlove & More

In addition to White’s work-related with Earth, Wind & Fire, he created a range of hits for others, including The Emotions’ “Best of my Love” (No. 1 for 5 weeks top top the warm 100), Deniece Williams’ “Free” (No. 2 on hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs), Jennifer Holliday’s “I am Love” (No. 2 on warm R&B/Hip-Hop Songs), selections indigenous Barbra Streisand’s Emotion album (No. 19 ~ above the 200), and Neil Diamond’s Headed because that the Future album (No. 20 top top the 200).

White in addition notched his own solo hits together an artist, claiming a trio of entries top top the warm R&B/Hip-Hop songs chart, including his No. 6-peaking covering of “Stand by Me.”

Here space Earth, Wind & Fire’s 10 best warm 100 hits:

Rank, Title, hot 100 top Position, top Date

1, “Let’s Groove,” No. 3, Dec. 19, 19812, “Shining Star,” No. 1, might 24, 19753, “After the Love has actually Gone,” No. 3, Sept. 15, 19794, “Sing a Song,” No. 5, Feb. 7, 19765, “Boogie Wonderland” (with The Emotions), No. 6, July 14, 19796, “September,” No. 8, Feb. 10, 19797, “That’s the means of the World,” No. 12, Sept. 20, 19758, “Getaway,” No. 12, Oct. 9, 19769, “Got To acquire You right into My Life,” No. 9, Sept. 16, 197810, “Serpentine Fire,” No. 13, Feb. 11, 1978