Our peak 10 Earth, Wind & Fire Songs list takes a look at a tape who overcame the music charts in the 1970s and 1980s. Simply put, they are one of the biggest bands of every time for countless reasons. First and foremost lock recorded and also released multiple an excellent albums and also singles. The group combined so plenty of different layouts of music together from pop to r&b, soul, jazz, rock, Latin and also funk into a sound the was as large and addicting together you can get. They are practically indescribable since they to be so good at what they did and also built a fan base the reached across all music genres. This list is simply a very little sampling of the band’s material. This one was a good deal of funny to do and also took us soo long due to the fact that we couldn’t prevent listening to every these Earth. Wind & Fire songs we were selecting from.

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# 10 – Sunday Morning

We open up up our height 10 Earth, Wind & Fire songs list through the good track “Sunday Morning.” The horns blast you out of your seat as that comping key-board lick sets the tone because that a funny filled drive of pure groove. Listen to those amazing vocals and harmonies. What a method to open up this list. The track was released in 1993 on the group’s album licensed has been granted Millennium. It was Earth, Wind & Fire’s sixteenth studio album. The song was released together a solitary and had success on many music charts. The would also become the last earth Wind & Fire single to chart on the Billboard warm 100.

# 9 – gained To get You right into My Life

Earth, Wind & Fire’s sheathe of The Beatles’ “Got To obtain You into My Life,” has been compliment as among the best cover versions of a Beatles track of every time. The tune was first released ~ above the soundtrack come the motion snapshot Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts society Band. Earth, Wind & Fire likewise included the track on their best hits package. The team released the cover variation as a solitary in i m sorry it came to be a optimal 10 fight on the Billboard optimal 100 music charts in 1978.

# 8 – Mighty Mighty

At times sounding prefer James Brown meets cracked Stone, this significant funky soulful tune stands out among one that the best songs the band ever released. Plenty of fans have never heard this one because it to be released prior to the band’s popularity kicked in ~ That’s The means Of The World. To be released. This one grooves huge time. The tune was exit on the band’s album Open our Eyes in 1974.

# 7 – Boogie Wonderland

Continuing with our top 10 Earth, Wind & Fire songs perform we revolve to a song that stood for Earth, Wind & Fire’s filtration through dance music. This is no disco, that ten times much better than disco, that funk dance inspired by disco. The song additionally featured The Emotions on vocals. Just a good blend the just around every musical layout of r&b, pop and also soul the had become popular in the 1970s and mixed into a large time peak 10 hit. The song was exit in 1979 ~ above the good album I Am.

# 6 – ~ The Love Is Gone

Earth. Wind & Fire developed many good mid-tempo ballads. “After The Love Is Gone,” to be the best of them. The song was released on the double Platinum album I Am. “After The Love Is Gone,” was composed by David Foster, Jay Graydon, and Bill Champlin. The track would become the 2nd highest charting single of the group’s career together it got to all the way to number 2 on the Billboard hot 100 in 1979.

# 5 – Getaway

As we enter the second fifty percent of this height 10 Earth. Wind & Fire songs list were rotate to the an excellent single “Getaway.” The solitary “Getaway,” to be released on the album Spirt. The album offered as the follow as much as their number one album That’s The way Of The World released a year earlier. The Spirit album did well together the monitor up as it went every the means to the number two spot ~ above the Billboard album charts. The solitary “Getaway,” likewise did fine hitting number one top top the spirit charts and also number 12 on the Billboard hot 100. The song’s heavy and hard funk rhythms and also arrangement echoed the same success they had actually on their number one single “Shining Star,” exit a year earlier.

# 4 – that’s The way Of The World

The song “That’s The way Of The World,” was released as the title monitor to Earth, Wind & Fire’s breakout album That’s The way Of The World. The Fender Rhodes piano intro collection up a songs whose grooves was many memorable. This one will bring back memories of the md 1970s. That’s The way Of The World to be the groups highest charting album of your career hitting number one top top the Billboard top 200 Albums charts in 1975.

# 3 – Fantasy

This one is merely spectacular. Hear to that great fantasy format opening the merges right into a groove to dice for. And then of food the miracle vocals light up the verse. When that chorus division on through, girlfriend realize your listening to a masterpieces that a song and recording. The song “Fantasy,” was released ~ above the album All´n All. The album to be released in 1978. The song “Fantasy,” was issued as the album’s 2nd single. It became a top 40 hit on the Billboard warm 100 peaking at number 32. The song was written by Maurice White, Verdine White and also Eddie del Barrio.

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# 2 – September

Do you remember? ns am certain you do. Earth, Wind & Fire’s “September,” to be a large one. The amazing just how this team was maybe to write such addicting soaring melodies bathed in together splendid r&b grooves surrounded by horn and also vocals the were simply killer. The song “September,” to be released top top the album The best of Earth, Wind & Fire, Vol. 1. The team released it together a solitary where it became a peak 10 struggle on the Billboard hot 100. The song has appeared in various films over the years and has won multiple awards roughly the world. This is just one of the songs that never ever gets old. Timeless!

# 1 – bright Star

We close out our top 10 planet Wind & Fire song list through the band’s many successful single of your career. “Shining Star,” stands as Earth, Wind & Fire’s only number one single. This one blew everyone’s minds when it was very first released. Earth Wind & Fire took your blend of funk to eleven on this one. The song was composed by Maurice White, Larry Dunn and also Philip Bailey. “Shining Star,” was released in 1975 ~ above the band’s spectacular album That’s The means Of The World.The track hit number one top top both the Billboard top 100 and also the Billboard soul Music charts. It also won a Grammy award in 1975 for best R&B power by a Duo or team with Vocals. The track turned the group into a household name around the world. It opened the eyes of fans and musicians to check out the group. The success that the tune would inspire countless musicians because that the remainder of the decade and also beyond.