(gendergeek.org) - Apple has actually announced the iphone phone 7 and also iPhone 7 Plus and also one of the big changes is that the 3.5mm headphone socket is gone.

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That"s no a huge deal, it just way you"ll need to use the Lightning socket to attach headphones instead.

There has been some confusion as to which headphones you actually gain in the box, so let"s clear this up for you.

What headphones do I acquire in the iphone phone 7 box?

The iphone phone 7 will certainly come through a pair of apple EarPods. They room the very same as the EarPods (headphones in normal speak) the Apple has used on its ahead iPhone, other than that the wire has actually a Lightning connector ~ above the end.

If friend buy a brand-new iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, there"s no should worry: there"s a set of headphones in package that you can use from job one, you just plug lock in and start listening.

What if I desire to use my 3.5mm headphones with iPhone 7?

Apple is currently a step ahead of friend there. If you have actually a pair of good wired headphones that you love and also you don"t desire to give up just since Apple has removed that connection, climate there"s one adapter in the box.


This small adapter will plug right into the Lightning harbor on your iPhone 7 and also then market you a 3.5mm headphone socket because that you come plug your cans into. This means you deserve to keep making use of those lovely Bose, Sennheiser or B&O headphones you payment a luck for through no worries.

What about those wireless apologize AirPods?

This is maybe the resource of the headphone confusion v the brand-new iPhone 7. Apple additionally announced the AirPods, a set of wireless earbuds. They have independent buds, not associated by a wire, prefer a pair that Bluetooth headsets.


Well that"s what the AirPods are: a pair that Bluetooth headsets. Although Apple has carried in a new seamless pairing process, this is just a clever Bluetooth headphones option.

The to apologize AirPods perform not come in the box. They room an accessory the will price you £159. The clever thing is that as soon as they are linked to your iPhone, iCloud will sync that link to your other Apple gadgets too.

What about Bluetooth on the iphone phone 7?

You don"t need to use Apple"s AirPods. The iphone phone 7 offers Bluetooth too, therefore if you want to keep the Lightning port cost-free for charging, there"s naught to avoid you utilizing a continual pair the Bluetooth headphones.

There room plenty of great headphones to select from too – and if you"ve already got a set of Bluetooth headphones you can use them through the iphone 7 as normal.

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What about other Lightning headphones?

Lightning headphones already exist. These room designed because that use with the iPhone and iPad. If you"d quite usesomething an ext substantial 보다 Apple"s EarPod offering, there space a few styles already available.